Watch an abandoned kitten hijack a Florida sheriff’s office

“Cuteness overload” is correct.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office received many likes after Facebook posted about 12 abandoned kittens.

The animals appear to have been left on the aircraft carrier in a park in Dunedin last weekend.

The agent responded and took the kitten to the lobby of the North District Station, where the cat “hijacked”, the post said.

The photo shows two of them peeking out of the pink carrier. The other shows a small striped companion with bright eyes on the adjutant’s chest next to the body camera.

Another photo shows the entire lot next to an office computer. Not a rodent version, but a small black kitten staring at the mouse.

Thanks to that, the group has safely become a foster parent. Sanko Store Animal League At Palm Harbor. Walks are thought to be about 4-5 weeks old and are placed for adoption after completing a medical program at 3 months of age.

Social media users were pleased that the kittens were safe and were frightened that they were left to protect themselves.

“Who throws away the baby? Good, I’m glad they’re safe.”

“The best welcome ever in the lobby!”

“Super cute.”

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