Watch dolphins soar through the air as they try to overtake fishing boats off the coast of Australia

Video footage of an over-excited dolphin flying like a basketball off the coast of Australia has sparked cheers on social media.

The 15-second clip was shared on Facebook on January 16th. professional angler and blogger “Trapman Vermagui” (Jason Moyce), who attributed the video to a buddy who was fishing in Batemans Bay, New South Wales.

It can be seen that when the angler was watching the dolphin from the port side, the dolphin jumped out of the water and leveled with the boat and returned to the sea. I hear the sailors cheering.

“I’ve seen it many times, but it’s pretty hard to film,” Moyce wrote. “Dolphins doing crazy air.”

The video has been viewed 10,000 times and received hundreds of reactions and comments. acrobatic skills.

“Happy dolphin! Why?” 1 commenter I have written.

It is believed that dolphins were playing, but researchers have not yet figured out why dolphins play. “Aerial action”.

“Some people believe that dolphins jump while jumping. travel to save energy When moving through air, less energy is expended than when moving through water. Others believe the jump is to get a better view of distant objects in the water, primarily prey,” he reports “Other accounts suggest that dolphins can hear and interpret splashes, thus using jumping to communicate with a mate or another herd.”

Dolphins may have challenged anglers to competition. A study published from New Zealand found that vertical jumps were seen before combative “appears to be associated with interactions and displays.”

Batemans Bay has a reputation for hosting. whale watching with acrobatic dolphins multiple videos YouTube shows dolphins interacting with boaters and kayakers.

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