Watch this stunning video of a great white shark killing an orca whale

Screenshot / discovery

Screenshot / discovery

34 years later Shark Week was first startedDiscovery Network shows footage Shark jumpShark fighting, shark movement, shark attack, shark invention (Do you remember Megalodon?), Shark racing michael phelps, Shark sparring with Mike TysonWhen Shark biting a cast member from Jackass..

Needless to say, after 30 years and thousands of hours of programming, it’s worth noting that every summer there’s something entirely new to greedy viewers of shark content.

During Shark Week earlier this year, a drone camera filmed a flock of orca (killer whales) killing great white sharks. Nothing like this has been captured during Shark Week so far. Great white sharks are important video evidence to support scientists’ theory that they are hunting by a new phenomenon, the orca, and are moving or even escaping from their normal habitat.

Stunning footage will make a special debut on Thursday Shark HouseHowever, you can see the exclusive clips in The Daily Beast below:

South African-based scientist Alison Downer has been studying the motor ecology of great white sharks for 15 years and has published a recent treatise on the shocking predation of great white sharks by orca.

This video, which I repeat several times when we talk on the phone, is not only amazing but also historic. “This is probably one of the most beautiful natural history works ever taken.”

“I really think that when the video airs, it will spread through word of mouth,” she tells The Daily Beast. “It’s so unique that the whole world will be enthusiastic about it.”

This clip shows three orca in Mossel Bay, South Africa. The area was famous as a meeting place for great white sharks, but it has disappeared. The whale in the middle is coming out of the water and clenching the chin of a dead shark. Great white sharks are about 9 feet long and are “not small animals,” says Townner. And the orca is chewing it around the liver. While the original whale is submerged together, a large blood pool begins to appear around the other two whales.

“There is all evidence of a killer whale responsible for killing great white sharks,” says Towner. The corpse lost its liver and was launched on the beach. Data that reveal changes in whale cycling habits and that great white sharks have fled the beaches they were accustomed to suggest a correlation. “But this is the world’s first drone footage of a killer whale preying on great white sharks. This is the first documented direct evidence in South Africa.”

Towner article the African Journal of Marine Science We will dig deeper into how these recent predations of killer whales are responsible for the great white sharks fleeing the once thriving South African region.

Shark House It will air on Thursday night at Discovery and Discovery +. If you want to check out even more amazing Shark Week footage, check out the clips below. Air Jaws: Top GunA special about high-flying sharks that caught the violation in the latest footage.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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