WatchOS 8 profile unexpectedly appeared early, showing that Apple Watch will become more independent

Apple Watch

Cherlynn Low/Engadget

The development direction of Apple Watch is to become a more mature and independent smart watch platform, and this year’s WWDC21 seems to be more advanced.MacRumors Quoting the developer Khaos Tian He found that he found the unreleased Apple Watch native contacts and reminder apps in the newly uploaded App Store profile. Although there is only a name, you can guess that the next-generation Apple Watch system watchOS 8 will have a more independent function, with a native contact list.

In addition, there is a brand new name “”. According to Bloomberg’s earlier report, Apple Watch will have an improved “health tracking” function in watchOS 8. The two seem to be related. There is also a saying that Apple Watch will add tracking tools for mental health, so the term Mind is also reasonable.

Since last year watchOS 7 added a family sharing setting, allowing Apple Watch to be used alone by users who do not have an iPhone, it is no surprise that watchOS 8 will be further developed. Let us look forward to the official start of WWDC21 at one point tonight, and we will also report on Engadget China!

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