Watered diesel cannot be used in gas powered vehicles

Claim: You can put drained diesel in the tank of a gas vehicle

The driver panicked about the station Insufficient gas After a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline got a less familiar hint from a widely shared social media post.

“If the station runs out of gas, you can put diesel in your car as long as you drain it.” I read a Facebook post on May 11th.

The post was shared about 1,800 times and generated some comments pointing out the absurdity of putting a mixture of diesel and water in a gasoline engine. However, some were worried that defenseless people would take it seriously.

“This is dangerous,” wrote one commenter. “People believe what they read on Facebook.”

In this case, they should not believe it, even if it was intended to be a joke. Diesel fuel is richer than gasoline and can damage parts of gasoline vehicles. However, adding water has no effect and can be harmful in itself.

Facebook users who shared the post doubled their claims when contacted by USA TODAY, claiming that water is a way to fix a more powerful diesel engine.

But that’s not at all how it works. AAA Auto Club OK.

“That’s definitely a bad idea,” he said. David Bennett, Manager of AAA Repair Systems. “Water and internal combustion engine do not mix. You are welcome.”

Diesel or gas?

Both diesel and gas are sourced from crude oil, but diesel is as thick and not flammable as gasoline. JD power.. Gasoline and diesel engines also work differently. Gas engines use spark plugs to ignite fuel compared to diesel engine compression systems.

According to a post on the JD Power website of an automobile analysis company, “In short, gasoline and diesel engines are designed to operate using only certain fuel types, not other fuel types. It is designed to be. “

According to Bennett, petrol pumps make it easy to avoid having diesel in a petrol car. He said the nozzle of a diesel pump is larger than the opening of a vehicle with a gasoline engine.

Filling gasoline cars with diesel or water causes problems, Bennett said. Mixing the two doesn’t help.

Both would cause internal damage and costly repairs, he said.

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When pure diesel enters a petrol car, it may run for a short time, but eventually it will stop, he said. The mechanic then needs to remove the fuel, drop the gas tank, and clean or replace the fuel lines, filters, and injectors.

He said that water is not flammable and can damage internal parts of the engine if it enters the cylinder.

According to Bennett, damage caused by water or incorrect fuel in the vehicle is also not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Vehicle owners must use the fuels listed in the owner’s manual.

Similarly, vehicle owners should avoid putting gas with a high ethanol content (such as E85) into vehicles not designed for it, he said. Vehicles that can handle these fuels have specially designed components that can withstand the corrosive ethanol content.

According to Bennett, anyone who puts water or the wrong fuel in a car should be towed by a mechanic who can immediately turn it off and clean it up to make sure it doesn’t damage the rest of the car. is needed.

On Tuesday, May 11, 2021, drivers are lining up for fuel at a shell gas station on Old Forest Road in Lynchburg, Virginia.

On Tuesday, May 11, 2021, drivers are lining up for fuel at a shell gas station on Old Forest Road in Lynchburg, Virginia.

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The claim that a petrol car can use drained diesel fuel is false. AAA AutoClub experts said that putting water or diesel in a gas-powered vehicle would cause internal damage to the vehicle that is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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