Watergate prosecutors say slap Trump on charges of rebellion and riots could prevent him from getting a job again.


Donald Trump Hearing January

Former President Donald Trump may be barred from taking office again if convicted of a rebellion or riot under Section 18, Section 2383 of the United States Code.Chet Strange / Getty Images

  • Jill Wine Banks said the “best” crime to prosecute Trump could be a rebellion or a riot.

  • Weinbanks said penalties for such crimes would prevent Trump from getting a job again.

  • She added that he could be prosecuted for other crimes such as tampering with witnesses.

Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks said that if he charged former President Donald Trump with a rebellion or riot, he would not be able to regain power.

During ~ Appearance of MSNBC On Friday, Winebanks was asked if she thought Trump would be charged with at least obstruction of justice.She is one of the “best” crimes to prosecute the former president Rebellion or riot, crime under Title 18, Section 2383 of the United States Code.

“I think it’s scary for anyone who has seen the hearing to take no action in a blatantly obvious way,” said Weinbanks.

She said: Unlike incendiary conspiracy chargesCriminals convicted of rebellion or riots were banned from “re-taking federal government positions.”

Weinbanks called the penalty “a more important goal than imprisoning the former president.”

She added that Trump may face several other accusations based on the testimony presented at the January 6 hearing.

“Of course, obstruction of parliament, obstruction of justice, witnesses of tampering, etc. Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony“Wine Banks said.

In April, Wine Banks said she believed Trump’s potential criminal activity on January 6 could be “immeasurably worse” than the actions of former President Richard Nixon.

She also joined in a comment a person like former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. How Trump Can Face Criminal Accusations.. Malverny is one example. The January 6 panel may have evidence that Trump may be hit by a judicial obstruction...

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