“We are all deeply tragedy.”

By Peter Sblendorio
From the New York Daily News

Shane Yellowbird, a popular country singer whose song “Pickup Truck” was a big hit in her hometown of Canada, died on Monday at the age of 42.

The cause of the unexpected death of Yellowbird has not been revealed, the family told CBC News.

“Our brothers were talented artists who loved children, music and sports,” his family said in a statement.

“We are all deeply tragedy and seek this respect and privacy to mourn the loss of our loved ones.”

Yellowbird, who lived in Calgary, was named a Chevrolet Rising Star at the 2007 Canada Country Music Awards. He released his “pickup truck” that year, and the song reached the top five on the Canadian country charts.

According to CBC News, stuttering conditions have attracted Yellowbird to his musical career, and people near the singer have reported that he has dealt with epilepsy later in his life.

“A few years ago, he was suffering from seizures, so he started sharing that he didn’t do so many shows,” said Crystal Shawanda, a singer who was a friend of Yellowbird, at a Canadian outlet. Told to.

“He made a public statement about it. He started sharing it and became more open about it with people.”

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