“We are here to learn from you” First European Parliament delegation visits Taiwan

At a joint press conference with Taiwan’s Governor Tsai Ing-wen, Raphaël Glucksman, head of the European Union’s visiting delegation, said Taiwan’s success and ability to confront threats and information leaks from the Chinese administration was “gold mine” for Europe. “. November 4th.

“This is the first official visit from a delegation of the European Parliament. [EP] To Taiwan. This is to see how important Taiwan’s democracy is to the European citizens we represent. ” Glucksmann said, EP French member.

Tsai and other Taiwanese officials held a private meeting with the delegation after the press conference.

A delegation of 13 people arriving in Taiwan on November 3 for a three-day visit was given an EP on foreign interference in all democratic processes of the European Union, including disinformation from France, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. It included seven members of the special committee. Republic, Austria, Greece, Italy.

“We came here with a very simple and clear message. You are not alone. Europe stands by you to protect freedom, the rule of law, and human dignity. “Masu,” said Glucksmann.

“But we also came here for a very selfish reason,” he said. “We have come here to learn from you and from your ability to build such a powerful democracy in the face of such levels of threat and interference.”

French EP members said the European Union is facing massive interference from the authoritarian regime.

At a press conference, Mr. Tsai said he would share his direct experience in addressing challenges from China, such as disinformation, cyberattacks and foreign intrusions.

“We want to establish a Democratic Alliance against false information,” said the president. “The challenges we face are global in nature.”

In 2015, Taiwan began sharing expertise in law enforcement and cybersecurity with global partners through a global cooperation and training framework. Joint-led platform According to USA, Taiwan and Japan.

“Taiwan is also ready to share its experience in the fight against disinformation with its European friends, which will help deepen our partnership and protect the free and democratic way we enjoy.”

Epoch Times Photo
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen (R) speaks next to European Parliamentarian (EP) Raphaël Glucksman at the Presidential Office on November 4, 2021. (CNA / AFP via Getty Images)

Last week, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu urged “freedom-loving nations” to cooperate with China during a rare trip to Europe amid heightened tensions between Taipei and Beijing. The trip took place as a Taiwanese delegation signed a memorandum of understanding with Czech authorities to strengthen the relationship between cybersecurity and technical cooperation.

Autonomous Taiwan, which claims that China is its own country and has not ruled out forcible seizure, has no formal diplomatic relations with European countries other than the Vatican City.

“Our visit shows that Taiwan is very high on the agenda of Brussels and all member states,” Glucksmann said. Talked to Taiwanese Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang At the meeting the day before.

According to Mr. Tashi, the EP adopted the EU-Taiwan Political Cooperation Report by an overwhelming margin on October 21, with an approval rate of 86.3%, the second highest approval rate during the current parliamentary period. EU and Belgium.

Rita Lee


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