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AFP via Getty

Almost 5 months Vladimir Putin’s “Special military operation” And after countless reports that the military appeals to Desperate measures To stop the war, the Russian Defense Ministry suddenly announced on Thursday that it was giving some Ukrainian Donbus soldiers a “chance to rest.”

The expected break was reportedly announced to Russian journalists early Thursday by a provincial spokesman. TASS News agency. It was constructed as a compassionate gesture aimed at ensuring the well-being of the army, allowing the spokesman to “replenish combat capabilities” in time and allow the army to “receive letters and luggage from home”. Said said it would be used to.

The announcement was made after the Institute for the Study of War pointed out that Russia was not proud of the acquisition of new territory for the first time in a full-scale aggression. According to experts, they “mostly started the operation.” pause. “

However, another briefing by Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov on Thursday did not mention such a break, and it is clear how many troops are allowed to time out. It wasn’t. Also, it was not clear exactly what the “chance to rest” was associated with.

Instead, this statement is more than one of the Kremlin’s recent PR efforts to boost morale in reports that dead troops were literally incinerated to hide losses and soldiers were sent to the front line unequipped. It seemed to be done. The pro-Kremlin tabloid Komsomolskaya Prouda did everything in its power to assemble the announcement as a reason for the celebration between the troops, report The concert was also arranged for them.

Embarrassed drunkards of Russian troops in Ukraine urge alcohol ban

The reality is very different at the Ukrainian scene, and the local government of Kramatorsk said Russian troops carried out a missile strike in the center of the city early Thursday, causing casualties. It was not immediately clear how many people were injured or killed.

The “suspension of operations,” which appears to have been advertised by Russian military officials, is in the midst of reports that Putin’s army is taking increasingly drastic steps to conceal losses and reinforce depleted resources.

In Kherson Federal Security Service staff According to Ukrainian intelligence, recently inaugurated as the head of the “new” Kremlin administration, authorities have begun burning the bodies of dead soldiers “to hide the actual number of losses.”

“In the suburbs of the city, there are repeated spots with many burnt human remains,” the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense’s chief intelligence agency said in a statement, saying that local governments are trying to extinguish the fire. rice field. Caused by bombardment.

According to new reports, Russia also appears to be increasingly desperate in trying to find fresh cannon feed for the war. As a result, the military began to troll public employment agencies aimed at helping the unemployed.

Independent research outlet I Storyes report On Thursday, some of Ukraine’s most costly Russian brigades (including those accused of genocide in Bucha) were vacant to prey on unlucky people desperate for work. An incident that sends them directly to the forefront without training using the portal.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russian troops caught on intercepted phone calls to relatives in their hometown are also routinely talking about the troops drying them out.

In one of the most disturbing calls shared by Ukrainian security forces this week, I hear a man identified as a Russian soldier telling his family: In your life seen: headless, legsless, torsoless … “

“I will never recover … there is only meat here … I can’t imagine what’s going on here. I don’t know how to get back to normal life.”

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