We ate at the Magnolia Table, a restaurant at Chip and Joanna Gaines. Here are nine things that surprised me.

Authors outside the Magnolia Table and Magnolia Table Signs

Magnolia table in Waco, Texas.Erin McDowell / Insider

  • I recently visited a restaurant in Chip and Joanna Gaines. Magnolia tableWaco, Texas.

  • I was surprised that I enjoyed the meal.

  • A special touch like a takeaway station made the visit comfortable and convenient.

I was surprised that the magnolia table is 3.2km (2 miles) from the silo. This means you need a car or rideshare to get there from the center of town.

Magnolia table

Magnolia table.Erin McDowell / Insider

Silo and Magnolia Market Generally considered all hubs of Waco’s “Fixer Upper”.

However, the magnolia table is just a short drive away. I didn’t have a car, so I had to use Uber from Airbnb to the restaurant. It was a short drive, but a bit far from most of Waco’s other attractions.

The magnolia table is located in a historic building.

Magnolia table

A shield about the history of the elite cafe outside the magnolia table.Erin McDowell / Insider

Prior to becoming the Magnolia Table, the building was previously the second location of the diner Elite Cafe, which opened in 1919. Purchased by a few months later when the Elite Cafe closed in 2016. Chips and Joanna Gaines.. The couple auctioned the contents of the restaurant and donated it to Mission Waco’s Jubilee Food Market. The Magnolia Table opened in 2018.

I liked the new restaurant paying homage to its history. Out of town, I found it interesting to learn a little more about Waco’s history.

I didn’t have a reservation, so I expected to wait for the table for a long time, but I was seated at the counter in about 20 minutes.

Magnolia table menu

Magnolia table menu.Erin McDowell / Insider

On weekends, you can usually expect to wait for a while to get the table. You can book online, but when I tried to book about a week ago, there were no seats available. I also visited during Silos’ annual SilobrationIn other words, Waco was busier than usual.

After walking to the outdoor hostess stand, I wrote down my name and said that I could sit at the counter instead of needing the entire table myself. They asked for my phone number and told me it would be a waiting time of about 15 minutes.

I heard another guest looking for a table and was told it would wait about an hour. It was good just to eat, and I was happy to sit at the counter so that the waiting time would not be long.

If you had to wait, I was surprised to find a convenient takeaway window and water station outside.

Magnolia table

Magnolia table takeaway station.Erin McDowell / Insider

Guests who have to wait at the table can order coffee, pastries and other light meals. You can also order from the entire Magnolia table menu and take it home if you don’t have the time.

There is also a convenient water station, especially if you go to a restaurant on a hot Texas day and need hydration. While waiting, I was amazed at the facilities provided by the restaurant to make guests more comfortable.

I was surprised at the price of this popular brunch spot — I thought it was really reasonable.

Magnolia table bread basket

Silos Baking Co. Bread basket.Erin McDowell / Insider

To try as many magnolia table pastries as I can, I’m Silos Baking Co. I chose the bread basket. For $ 10, I received a basket of blueberry muffins, zucchini bread, chocolate chip pumpkin bread, butter croissants, and chocolate croissants. I came to the table in a wicker basket with a cloth towel on the pastry inside.

Everything I ate at the Magnolia table was unbelievably delicious and comparable to the expensive brunch in New York City where I live. When I paid the check (totaling $ 35.18 excluding tip), I felt the food was very valuable for its price.

I’ve heard good things about Joanna Gaines biscuits, but I didn’t expect them to be surprisingly good.

Magnolia Table Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict on the Magnolia table.Erin McDowell / Insider

The Eggs Benedict on the Magnolia table features two poached eggs on top of two of Joe’s special buttermilk biscuits, slices of thick-sliced ​​bacon, and studded with Hollandaise sauce and chives.

The biscuits themselves proved to be the outstanding star of Eggs Benedict. I’ve heard a lot about Joanna Gaines’ homemade biscuits. People who eat at the Magnolia table can also order by themselves. But I found it a great idea to use them as the basis for Eggs Benedict.

I thought the biscuits were delicious, but I was surprised because I really enjoyed them. I usually prefer English muffins as the base for Eggs Benedict, but biscuits made the dish even more delicious.

I was surprised that coffee is as delicious as food. In my experience, this is not always the case in restaurants.

Magnolia table pumpkin spice latte

Pumpkin spice latte on a magnolia table.Erin McDowell / Insider

I ordered a pumpkin spice latte with oat milk. Creamy and delicious, it was perfect for an autumn day. It was not too rich and had a rich flavor, and I was able to drink it throughout the meal. It has a freshly brewed taste and was lovingly made.

Despite the restaurant being full, I received some of the best service I have ever received at the restaurant.

Magnolia table

A sign at the entrance of the Magnolia table.Erin McDowell / Insider

The service was very friendly and the waitress confirmed that I was comfortable, received everything I ordered quickly and checked many times to make sure everything was as expected.

When I visited a busy restaurant, I noticed that the service could be slow or chaotic. But this was not my experience at the Magnolia table.

I was most surprised at how much I enjoyed my experience and how much I wanted to go back.

Authors outside the Magnolia Table and Magnolia Table Signs

Magnolia table in Waco, Texas.Erin McDowell / Insider

As I walked through the Magnolia table door, I wasn’t sure if the hype around the restaurant and its famous owners would live up to my expectations. But I was surprised because it was really fun.

I thought the food was delicious, the price was reasonable, and the service was top notch.

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