“We can’t worship cars forever.” Grapevine celebrates its magnificent station

Grapevine celebrates Grand opening of central stationA multi-million dollar development featuring a food hall, a 150-foot observatory, and easy access to TEXRail trains.

The festival on 815 S. Main Street begins Saturday at 11:00 am with champagne toast and music from the band Decades.

Mayor William Tate said Central Station is a “century opportunity” to reshape the vine landscape and expand the city’s economy.

“We think the entire area will redevelop and augment our main street,” he said.

Central station is a public transport oriented development 38,000 sq ft Peace Plaza, 42,000 sq ft railroad station, harvest hall, European-style food hall with 7 kitchens, craft coffee drinks and cocktails, 150 ft high observatory and new home of Grapevine Visitor Information Center ..

Central station is also connected Hotel Vin, 6 stories, 120 rooms Marriott Autograph Collection Property that opened at the end of last year.

Kimberly Foster, Director of Marketing and Brand Management at Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau, said:

“We are near DFW Airport and there are eight highways into Grapevine. We are in a great location,” she said.

People coming to Grapevine Central Station will see Peace Plaza with many events such as Plaza Pose, jazz concerts every Saturday and Thursday night.

The observatory has four clock faces that pay homage to the stations of the past.

“Whenever you go out into the city, there are landmarks (towers) that welcome you,” says Foster.

Hotel Vin and Harvest Hall offer entertainment on the Third Rail, which offers the atmosphere of a pub at Harvest Hall. Live music is also available at Hotel Vin, an outdoor area called the junction. Grape carvings at the junction create the feeling of being in a vineyard, Foster said.

Dan Weinberger, Who owns a wine burger’s deli on the main streetInitially, he wasn’t a fan of the new station, but he said he was there several times and was “satisfied” with the project.

“They did a great job at the restaurant. The music and entertainment are very good. Whether they (people) eat there or on the main street, the purpose is to get exposure and we are wrong. I’m going to get the exposure without it, “Wineberger said.

“I see people always walking towards our restaurant,” he said.

According to Weinberger, the atmosphere at the station is like being in Italy.

“I remember Italy sitting at a table, enjoying a glass of wine and enjoying a nice day,” he said.

Jessica Cruz, who owns the Texas General Store on Main Street, said the station “brings more beauty to downtown Grapevine.”

“I love getting more attractions into the city, which results in more foot traffic to the main street,” she said.

Tate explained how he was driving on the main street recently and saw people bring food from the food hall and enjoy it outside while the kids were playing nearby.

“It was like a picture of Norman Rockwell,” he said.

Before the pandemic, TEXRail trains brought a lot of people to the main street and frequented restaurants and shops, Tate said.

“People are gradually getting on the train again …” he said. “This is the way to the future. You can’t worship a car forever.”