“We cheered people up with this move,” says the Track Convoy Organizer.

“We have cheered up the people of this country,” says the organizer of the “Freedom Convoy” heading to Ottawa to protest the federal COVID-19 vaccine directive and other pandemic-related restrictions.

“We are not only uplifting people, but not only uplifting the country, but the whole world is watching us,” said Martin Brodmann, vice president. Canada UnityOrganized a convoy.

Brodmann said the move was greater than the vaccine obligations imposed on cross-border truck drivers, but rather represented Canadians in search of freedom.

“Truck drivers bring goods not only to people but to the industry, and truck drivers … feel the broken heart we have today,” Brodmann told the Epoch Times.

“All truck drivers here to support this movement used to bring merchandise, but today they offer the most important thing: freedom.”

The demonstration in Ottawa on January 29 will initially require COVID to be quarantined by cross-border truck drivers who have not been vaccinated against the virus for 14 days after re-entering Canada from the United States. -19 It was to protest the obligation of the vaccine. Convoys are gaining widespread travel throughout the country and are attended by many who are angry with other pandemic restrictions and obligations.

Thousands of supporters have taken root for truck drivers as convoys roll around the Toronto area on Thursday, but many reports are gathered across the country to support the passing fleet. Shows supporters.

Brodmann doesn’t know about such activities when asked if opposition activists such as Antifa started something and were later asked if they were concerned about the possibility of blaming truck drivers for it. Said to blame violence.

“We really blame it, it’s not what we are,” he said.

“The last 18 months have caused a great deal of confusion for families, friendships, businesses, those who have lost their jobs, and those who no longer know what to believe. And we are united, united again and peaceful. We strive to live, bring hope and love again. That is what we are. “

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly said on Friday that city police are in close contact with the organizers of Freedom Convoy, and several small protests already in the capital over the last 24 hours have been peaceful. He said he confirmed that it was the target.

He added that police are ready to respond to the illegal activity committed by individual participants.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.