We finally know what Putin planned for a false flag operation against Ukraine

(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images)

(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images)

Russian news agency Experts have amplified the allegations that Ukraine has stopped attempts to detonate chlorine gas tanks in the separatist region of Horifka. Russia claims Ukraine is an invader Create an excuse to break in.

Ukrainian intelligence warned last month about this outlook. Defense Intelligence Agency of Ukraine Russia warned that it is preparing to use the presence of chemicals in the same place, Horlivka Pretend to attack or move forward Attack on Ukraine.

The news comes just as there is growing fear around the world that Russia may make an excuse to invade Ukraine and even create it. And at this time, there seems to be more concern than ever that Russia may be ready to launch a full-scale attack on Ukraine. Russian media claimed that there had been an explosion in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) in recent hours. This could be the long-awaited false flag operation. Russian President Vladimir Putin..The explosion Car bomb We are targeting Dennis Sinenkov, Head of Regional Security in Donbas.

Putin’s Kingpin declares war on Ukraine live

In the last few hours, the rhythm of bad news from Russia has recovered.Russian-backed troops are bombarding targets in eastern Ukraine, with little evidence Russia It is pulling back as it claimed to be.Car bomb news from DNR in eastern Ukraine Evacuation due to suspicion of imminent attack Arrival.Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) EvacuationAccording to Reuters.

The head of DNR Denis Pushilin argues that the reason for the evacuation is that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelesenky is about to attack. Valerii Zaluzhnyi, commander of the Ukrainian Army, said in his speech: It is wrong to claim that Ukraine is planning an attack..Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba “We categorically refute Russia’s disinformation reports of offensive operations or sabotage at Ukrainian chemical manufacturing facilities,” he said in a statement.

U.S. authorities warn High-ranking government officials say Russian leadership is looking for some sort of excuse for aggression for weeks, and in some cases using its own sabotage operatives to create a legitimate reason to trigger and attack. Told the Daily Beast..

This appears to be in compliance with the bill, as Putin can produce the perfect justification that can be taken home to justify the attack, a former senior operations officer of the CIA’s secret service. One Doug London told The Daily Beast.

At one level, Putin said, “The Russian people say that he stands up for their safety and fights evil, that the threat is real, and that everything Russia does is not to start a war. “We are the victims here,” and we need to protect ourselves, “London said.

Recently, the Biden administration has been working to pinpoint Russia’s plans to create an excuse for aggression in order to destabilize Putin’s aggression plan.In one case, the Biden administration released information claiming that Russia had planned to produce. Propaganda video With a graphic image of the corpse.

According to experts, Ukraine’s previous attempts to call for Russia’s plans in Horlivka prior to Russia’s claim to Horlivka and chemicals fit the playbook perfectly.

This amazing “mystery bridge” may be the secret path to Putin’s war

“Everything we see … is part of a scenario where we already have to create false provocations, respond to those provocations, and finally make a new attack on Ukraine. “At the recent escalation of the Munich Security Council, Secretary of State Tony Blinken said on Friday.

A quick attempt by the West to declassify and publish information about Russia’s internal plans may not prevent Putin from invading, but that effort will change Putin’s game plans and put him at a disadvantage. There is a possibility, London said.

“We’re basically calling it a shot, so it’s certainly in a difficult position. When we come up with forecasting material backed by Russian actions and statements, it says,” We anticipate and act to shape the event through insights. And now the Russians are deliberating. ” Instead, would it be unreliable if we could control escalation and narrative? “

The end result, London said, was to put Putin back and stumble, just as Putin was heading for the prime minister.

“Then it could affect Putin’s timeline and undermine his credibility,” said London, who recently published a memoir about his time at the CIA. Recruiters: Spies and the Art of Lost American Intelligence.. “It forces him to respond and take the lead, so he becomes more responsive and puts pressure on Russian decision-making.”

For now, Psylin seems convinced The war is here.. When asked if the war had begun on Friday, what was his answer?

“Unfortunately it is.”

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