We have to dismantle the racism built into the system

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Eliminate rooted racial injustice

The writer is a former Mecklenburg committee member and mayor of Charlotte.

Interestingly read the editorial board’s concerns that racial justice is diminishing in North Carolina (May 27 OpinionHowever, there is an ever-increasing need to continue to transform the American system and dismantle the racist foundations that continue to shape them.

Indeed, as concerns about the economy and other concerns such as COVID grow, some are less concerned about racial justice. However, for many, their enthusiasm continues, their awareness of the need to deal with systematic racism grows, and their desire for true change is stronger than ever.

No progress will be made on opportunity gaps, access to health care, income inequality, police brutality, quality public education, or climate change until the racism built into all systems is dismantled. ..

Since the killing of George Floyd, there has been a group that meets regularly in Charlotte twice a week to hear from people affected by racism and make recommendations for reform throughout our society. Is starting to create.We are ourselves American Rethinking Project And over the past year, we’ve worked with local community leaders. Recent hearings Facebook page..

We believe that by telling and amplifying the stories of those affected by systematic racism and those in power who have witnessed the effects, we can build support for change that will bring about change. I am. We know that the road is neither easy nor short.

We meet with policy makers and make recommendations based on the weight of the truth and reality behind them. We have been contacted by other US cities interested in bringing this work to the community. We believe that healing begins and can be built locally. We believe that America can be rethinked and reconstructed without systematic racial prejudice. We invite the community to participate in our work.

Jennifer Roberts, Charlotte

Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer Roberts

Restoration of Tobacco Prevention Fund

North Carolina recently received a $ 167 million payment from a tobacco company. Master Settlement Contract (MSA) Helps to compensate our state and its citizens for the direct and indirect costs of tobacco use and addiction.

The MSA is an agreement between major tobacco manufacturers and the Attorney Generals of 46 states, with tobacco companies annually educating about the damage caused by tobacco-related illnesses and the harmful effects of tobacco use. Send money.

On average, North Carolina Received $ 140 million annually From MSA. About $ 17 million, just over 10% of the amount NC received this year, was spent each year on the state’s tobacco control program. Currently, no money is being spent for this purpose.

The use of e-cigarettes has skyrocketed in North Carolina over the past decade, increasing by more than 100% each year, especially among teens. This is in direct agreement with the removal of funds to prevent tobacco use by the NC legislature, which began in 2012.

The budget deficit was cited by legislators as a reason to stop funding tobacco control programs. These funds have never been reinstated. Will we stop paying for traffic lights because of a budget deficit? It doesn’t make sense to suck up the tobacco use prevention fund for other costs.

Practicing as a general physician for 35 years, observing the differences in abnormal health that occur over time between smokers and nonsmokers, and providing information on the harmful effects of tobacco use Most important for teenagers preparing for adulthood.

Being independent of tobacco products is more likely to be in better health, more stable and better employed, and overall better well-being. I see it every day. It’s cruelly obvious.

Dr. Robert Neville Gates, Greensboro

Dr. Robert Neville Gates

Dr. Robert Neville Gates

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