“We haven’t committed such a big crime,” Pakistani groomer told the British deportation panel.

Two men who were part of the infamous Rochdale grooming gang are fighting against the decision to deport them from Britain.

Adil Khan (51) and Qari Abdul Rauf (52) are now repatriated to Pakistan for the public good after being part of a gang convicted in a catalog of serious sex crimes against girls. I was told. Both have appealed the deportation order issued in July last year, and Mr. Khan cites his human rights as the reason for not being expelled from Britain.

He also claims to have made him “stateless” and abandoned Pakistani citizenship, which hindered his deportation.

Kahn conceived a 13-year-old girl, but denied that he was a father, met another 15-year-old girl, and complained that she was trafficked using violence.

He was sentenced to eight years in 2012 and was released on license four years later.

At an immigration court hearing in London on Tuesday, Kahn complained about reporting the case.

Through the video link and the translator of Mirpur, he said: We are not such a big criminal. We are not committing such a big crime. I am innocent I’m not committing a crime. Journalists have made us a big criminal. “

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Home Office in Westminster, London. File photo without date. (Kirsty O’Connor / Pennsylvania)

Kahn, Rauff, and two others were one of nine Asian men convicted of sex crimes against vulnerable girls in 2012.

For two years from early 2008, a 12-year-old girl was drunk with alcohol and drugs, mass raped in a room above a takeaway store, taken by taxi to another apartment, and cashed to use the girls. I was paid.

According to police, 47 girls have been haired.

Kahn and Rauff were one of four gangsters with dual British and Pakistani nationality. Right to stay in the UK.

Together with Abdul Aziz, they lost a long court battle against the deprivation order and lost the final decision of the Court of Appeals in 2018.

However, almost ten years after being convicted, the failure of all four to be deported caused anger in Rochdale, where the victims lived with the torturers, and public to many interior ministers. Collected criticism.

Kahn and Rauff are currently appealing the decision to deport by Interior Minister Priti Patel.

“The facts in favor of deprivation are overwhelming,” QC, Kathryn McGayhai, on behalf of the Interior Ministry, said in court.

The court heard that Khan’s appeal for deportation was based on Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, his right to private and family life.

His other reason for appeal was cited as “statelessness” after he was unable to return to Pakistan because he abandoned Pakistani nationality in September 2018.

However, this happened only a month after he was informed that he had been informed that he had been deported from Britain.

Rauff, a father of five, trafficked a 15-year-old girl for sex, took him to a trafficked place, had sex with her in a taxi, and took him to Rochdale’s apartment, where he and others. People had sex with her.

He was imprisoned for six years, sentenced to two years and six months, and then released in November 2014.

A further deportation hearing involving both Kahn and Rauff is scheduled for July 1.

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