“We must eliminate funding for CBP, ICE and DHS.”

Congressman Rashida Tribe, Michigan Democratic Party, said Tuesday that he “must eliminate funding” to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department, and the Department of Homeland Security. I will fall into. “

“We have seen it many times as field advocates and field human service agencies. That these agencies are incompetent in guiding migrants humanely through our immigration system. To keep watching again and again, “said a progressive lawmaker in a conversation about digital walls, borders, and the deportation of Just Futures Act with Julie Mao.

“Instead, they continue to terrorize the immigrant community within our community,” she said.

Tlaib’s comments were released weeks after the Texas bipartisan group wrote the essay. Dallas Morning News The United States has warned that “the total number of border crossings per year is the highest in 20 years.”

Co-authored by Republican Senator John Cornyn, Republican Senator Tony Gonzalez, and Democratic Senator Henry Querrer, the essay has been written by about 930,000 people over the past eight months, including “about 80,000 unaccompanied children.” Said that immigrants illegally crossed the border into the United States.

However, despite the ongoing crisis at the southern border, after Vice President Kamala Harris said in a press conference with President Guatemala, “I want to clarify to the people in the region who are thinking of making it. Dangerous trekking to the US-Mexico border that blew up the Biden administration last month: Don’t come. “

“This whole’stay there and die’approach is not just a way for our country to promote a more humane and mere immigration system,” Tlaib wrote in a tweet at the time.

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