“We need legislators to be victims.”

Missouri’s first black councilor’s car was littered with bullets when it was parked in St. Louis last weekend. Politicians continue to receive a great deal of support from the community, even though sources believe she was not the intended target of the shootout.

According to NBC News, US House of Representatives Cori Bush wasn’t in the car when he was shot and wasn’t injured, but he’s still upset.

Congressman Cori Bush, Missouri, will attend a press conference on FIX Clemancy Act outside the US Capitol on Friday, December 10, 2021.

Congressman Cori Bush, Missouri, will attend a press conference on FIX Clemancy Act outside the US Capitol on Friday, December 10, 2021.

“Like many of us in St. Louis, it’s too well known to experience gun violence,” Bush said in a statement released on Twitter. “Thankfully, no one was harmed, but gun violence shakes your soul.”

Progressive led the conversation from himself, paying attention to a much larger problem.

“No one here in St. Louis needs to be afraid of their safety. That’s why our movement invests in our community, eradicates the root causes of gun violence, and keeps all areas safe every day. I’m working, “she continued. ..

The shooting on the morning of January 22 was not aimed at lawmakers, according to sources near her, but the case is alarming. Representatives also say there was evidence that other vehicles had been tampered with over the weekend in the same area of ​​shooting.

A guest at Fox News explained the case in which he claimed that he was the result of defending the police position, which the Democratic Party claimed to hold. “The harsh truth is that lawmakers need to be victims,” ​​Joseph Imperatrice, founder of the New York Police Department Blue Lives Matter NYC, told Anchor last week.

Another comment made on the air during a segment called the “American Crime Crisis” said, “Of course, we never want to hurt Americans, not to mention the politicians we opposed. . However…”

Bronx representative Jamaal Bowman stood up for his colleague and blew up a right-wing Fox quarrel, saying, “This is vulgar and disgusting.”

“I’m grateful that Cori is safe and unscathed. That’s all I have to say. You can all sit there and continue to be angry and hate. She is people with love and conviction. I will continue to work, “he tweeted.

He wasn’t the only one to thank her for being safe.

Former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner also used her social media platform to assist Bush, saying, “I love you. With your family just because you speak for justice. The team has to endure this. ” Whether Turner believed her shooting was for lawmakers, or she was providing her sister support after various right-wing and white supremacists and other groups attacked her. I don’t know.

Comedian Kathy Griffin tweeted in response to the gunshot. I’m glad to hear that you’re intact, but I’m sorry I had to experience this traumatic experience. “

This is not the first time Bush has violated her car. In 2020, her car was shot. She shared the story on Twitter.

She tweeted on June 10, 2020. I’m safe It’s not a slogan when I say I’m the people I serve! A bullet passed through the door handle on one side of the car, and another bullet passed through the tire on the other side. I promise to take us from “survive St. Louis” to “live it.” “

After becoming a leader in prison reform and police eradication in 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, ministers and nurses were impressed by Michael Brown’s murder, which made her unable to sit still and quickly became a political voice. I did. Activists then lived just six minutes from where Brown, an 18-year-old black teen, was killed.

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