“We saw this big head,” and the rest.Crocodile joins a couple in South Florida for breakfast

Who do you think will come to dinner? Rather, breakfast.

A South Florida couple sitting for the first meal of the day was shocked to see a big crocodile in the backyard on Saturday morning.

“We were just eating breakfast, and we saw this big head that looked like a gaiter, and it was just walking by the window,” said Davy’s Trent Marmelstein. I told the local 10.

That wasn’t his imagination.

The Gator found outside their home in the neighborhood of Orange Woods Estate was very realistic.

Marmelstein decides to call a policeman.

“I think it came from that pond, but it was open because the gate was broken,” Tina Marmelstein told the outlet.

Two trap hunters arrived from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and took Gator away.

Due to the size of the animal and its amazing proximity to the general public, it was considered an annoying crocodile.

“In general, crocodiles Considered annoying If it’s at least four feet long and the caller believes it poses a threat to a person, pet, or property, “the FWC website says.

“The FWC puts public safety first and manages the State-Wide Crocodile Program (SNAP). SNAP’s goal is to proactively address the crocodile threat in the development area while at the same time being a naturally occurring area. Is to protect the crocodile. “

The couple’s neighbors praised them on Facebook for being so calm during the incident with the predator.

“Wow!” Post said. “Good langling!

If you find a crocodile in the middle, this free hotline 866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286).

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