“We tried to ask him for the help he needed.”

Indianapolis — A family of men suspected of killing eight people and injuring many others at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis issued a statement on Saturday.

In a brief statement, the family rejected all interview requests. The family apologized and noticed that they tried to ask Brandon Scott Hall, 19, for help.

“We are overwhelmed by the loss of life caused as a result of Brandon’s actions. Through the love of his family, we sought the help he needed,” the statement said. I am very sorry that their family and the entire Indianapolis community felt pain and hurt. “

Brandon Scott Hall

Brandon Scott Hall

In March 2020, Hall’s mother contacted authorities for fear that her son would commit “suicide by cop.”

Indianapolis City Police officials put the hall on temporary hold for mental health and took a shotgun from home.

According to police, the 19-year-old shooter who died in suicide was a former employee. Alert to eight victims of FedEx shooting in Indianapolis

Hall, a former FedEx employee, went to the FedEx Plainfield Ground Operations Center on Thursday night and committed suicide after firing inside a parking lot and building.

As of Saturday night, police had not shared the motive for the shooting. Eight victims between the ages of 19 and 74 will be alerted this weekend.

Indianapolis City Police Deputy Chief Craig McCart I briefly explained the archer’s behavior on Friday morning...

“So what we found in advance from the interviews that took place was that, as you know, this suspect came to the facility, and when he came there, he was in the car. Immediately after getting out of the facility, he started shooting randomly outside the facility, “he said.

“There was no conflict with anyone there. There was no commotion. There was no discussion. He just seemed to start shooting randomly.

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