We were “happy” in open marriage



Larry RudolphThe millionaire dentist, who was accused of killing his wife Bianca on a 2016 hunting trip in Zambia and seeing it as a bank deposit, was the first on Wednesday. I testified in federal court.

Rudolph murdered his wife and received $ 4.8 million in payments, eventually vehemently denying allegations that he was with his girlfriend Lori Milliron, who was facing obstruction of justice.

Attorneys claimed the trial was a tragic accident, as Bianca packed a case with a gun desperately loaded to return to Pittsburgh for a family wedding on October 11, 2016. I accidentally shot myself around 5am.

Rudolph said Wednesday morning. His last word he heard from his wife was “Come here and help me,” he said, and was shot shortly thereafter.

“I never shot my wife,” Rudolf said. “I didn’t kill my wife for insurance. I never killed her for being with Lori Milliron or anyone else.”

A dentist accused of killing his wife in Africa hunting safari for insurance

The federal government dismissed Rudolph’s story and claimed that Millionaire had carefully planned the killing of his wife with clear motives.

Prosecutors are trying to convict Rudolph for murder and fraud, despite Zambia’s local government declaring Bianca’s death an accident, but life insurance investigators have also come to the conclusion.

However, the Fed claims that there is sufficient evidence to get rid of Rudolph. For one thing, prosecutors claim that Bianca was too long to shoot her chest with the shotgun that caused her death. They also quote Rudolph’s actions after the death of his wife. This includes a trip to Las Vegas shortly after her burial and a date with Milliron.

The Federal Reserve says he was on a trip with Milliron and heard witnesses in 2020 saying, “I killed my wife for you.” “The FBI thinks I killed my wife for you,” Rudolf testified Wednesday.

Rudolph, 67, spent a total of two and a half hours on the stand, detailing his relationship with Bianca. From the time they met in college in the early 80’s, they were about to get divorced twice, so I explained in detail the fight for marriage.

The couple switched to an open relationship around 2000, and Rudolph testified. Associated Press report. Rudolf then said he and Bianca were “reasonably happy” with their arrangement.

The couple’s grown-up children attended a hearing on Wednesday and sat beside their father to support him. Denver Gazette report.

Wednesday’s testimony will not be the last time Rudolph can run. The prosecution demanded two hours to ask him about Thursday’s “mysterious crocodile attack.”

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