Weapons of mass destruction


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Motorcyclists were in and out of the Fort Worth I-35 highway lane when they determined that the SUV had changed lanes to block them. The furious biker, 19, overtook other vehicles, stopped his bike, blocked all lanes, and approached the SUV with a pulled pistol. The SUV driver jumped out and said he had a child in the car. But when the motorcyclist didn’t lower the gun, he raised the gun himself and fired multiple shots, and the biker died on the road. This was just one of the hundreds of gun deaths last week, as our country continues to evolve into a heavily armed western settlement. In 2020, pandemics, protests, and split elections further weakened frayed social ties, with Americans buying more than 23 million guns. This is a 66% increase compared to 2019. The firearms industry estimates that up to 40% of new gun sales are for first-time buyers — 50% for black customers and 47% for Hispanics.

Jabril Battle, 28, an African-American account manager in Los Angeles, was one of the first buyers.He said Washington post He always hated “gun nuts”, but was deeply anxious about the apocalyptic “Mad Max” disorder of the pandemic. “Do you want to be someone with a gun or someone without a gun?” He bought two. The fear of being defeated preys on itself: Americans currently own an estimated 390 million guns — more than double the per capita rate in other countries. Deadly weapons may make people feel safer, but they also act as an amplification of impulses, turning discussions into murders, turning gangster lawn battles into shootouts, and mass dissatisfied young men. For murder, for depression to simple suicide, and for police to stop tragic death. When celebrating the birth of the United States on the weekend of July 4, more than 230 Americans were killed in gun violence and 618 were injured. And it goes.

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