“Wear a mask” emoji is no longer sad on Android 12


Google Android 12 emoji

Google Android 12 emoji

After the Unicode Consortium, Google alsoAnnounceThey have a new emoji in the next version of the Android system to celebrate International Emoji Day. Google will be able to see the new emoji on its apps and platforms when it releases it. The most iconic change is the emoji wearing a mask. This small icon that represents the daily activities of all mankind for more than a year. In the past, it was not sad in the Android system, but in the new version of the picture package, it will change to a normal look.

Next is the “pie” that is more commonly eaten by Westerners. Android originally only has an icon that looks more like a “pumpkin pie”, but in the new version it will be a complete pie, which can represent more Different fillings. Others are that the scissors finally have an open front, which can actually cut things; the car has also become larger and adopts a more lovely style.

Google will also change the push method of emoji packages. Starting after Android 12, services that support Google Appcompat will automatically apply the new emoji packages and no longer need to be obtained through system updates. Google’s Gmail, Chrome OS, YouTube, etc. will add new emoji packages in July and later.