Weinstein in the LA area when the actor said she raped her

Los Angeles (AP) — Limousine drivers testified that they were driving Harvey Weinstein around Beverly Hills in 2013 on the night prosecutors claimed that Waynestein had raped an actor at a hotel.

Driver Alfred “Freddie” Barros gave conditional testimony in a court in Los Angeles. It was recorded in the video as it could be used in an unscheduled trial of a former movie mogul.

After reviewing the records of the limousine company he owns and drives, he testified that he was driving Weinstein around Beverly Hills late the night of February 18. Weinstein raped the woman and sexually assaulted her, according to a grand jury indictment.

Drive said he drove Weinstein back to his frequent hotel, The Peninsula Beverly Hills, around 1am at the end of the night.

He said he couldn’t remember if Weinstein was taken to another Beverly Hills hotel, Mr. C, who claimed the rape had taken place that night, but the year he drove for him. I took Weinstein there about 15 times.

Barros also testified that he drove Weinstein around Los Angeles in 2010. A grand jury indictment allegedly resulted in 11 sexual assaults against Weinstein. Weinstein pleaded not guilty.

Barros, 74, was basically a private driver for many years in New York-based Weinstein’s California.

The driver said he had a great deal of love for Weinstein, who treated him well, gave him frequent bonuses to his work, and allowed him to withdraw hundreds of dollars of cash freely from the front desk on the peninsula. rice field.

He said the farewell was emotional the last time he saw Weinstein in October 2017. After that, many women brought up stories of Weinstein’s sexual harassment and assault and became a central figure in the #MeToo movement.

“It was a very heartfelt feeling. This was the last time I met him,” Barros said. “I was tilting my hat.”

Deputy District Attorney Paul Thompson, in his question, is why the cozy relationship did not provide Barros with some emails about his business with Weinstein, who was under the subpoena. Suggested.

According to Barros, the 2013 email was included in the search results, but the 2010 email was not.

Asked why, he said, “I don’t know. I’m not an IT person.”

Thompson also pushed Barros a $ 1,000 bonus he received in 2017 after the allegations were filed.

“Every time Mr Weinstein came to town, he got a bonus because he did a great job for him,” Barros said.

“Have you talked about a $ 10,000 bonus from someone associated with Mr. Weinstein?” Thompson asked.

“Yes, from Mr. Weinstein himself,” Barros replied.

The driver said he received only his usual bonus of $ 1,000.

“What happened to $ 10,000?” Thompson asked.

Barros replied, “I have never received it.”

He also said under question that Weinstein paid a lawyer to represent him in the case.

Weinstein sat in a wheelchair on Wednesday in court, dressed in brown prison clothes, and heard his testimony without any visible reaction.

He was sentenced to 23 years in New York after a jury in February 2020 was convicted of forcing oral sex on television and filmmaking assistants in 2006 and raping him three times in an ambitious attack. I’m dressed. 2013 actor.

But last month New York appeals to prosecutor who blew up court There, he used testimony from a woman that he was not part of a criminal accusation against him.

Some judges on the panel appeared open to overturning Weinstein’s conviction and considering ordering a new trial. No decision has been made yet.

It was not clear why Barros needed to testify in advance. This process is typically used for elderly or sick witnesses who may not be able to testify in court.

The testimony did not include the story of the woman or any other evidence.


This story has been modified to reflect the prosecutor’s claim that Weinstein raped the actor at Mr. C’s hotel instead of Peninsula Beverly Hills.

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