Well-being checks show that actress Alicia Witt’s parents have died in Worcester’s house.

House in 8 Sussex Lane, where two people were found dead on Monday. The cause of death is under investigation.

House in 8 Sussex Lane, where two people were found dead on Monday. The cause of death is under investigation.

Worcester — The parents of the actor raised in Worcester were found dead in their Tatnuck house on Monday night after she called her relatives to check them out.

Singer-songwriter, actress and writer Alicia Witt said in a statement that her parents Robert and Diane Witt hadn’t responded for several days.

“I contacted my cousin who lives near my parents and checked them out. Sadly, the result was unimaginable,” she wrote. “At this time, I seek some privacy to be sad, to worry about the order of this event and this surreal loss.”

The death of the couple found at their home in Sussex Lane on Monday night is not suspicious, but police say the cause of their death is a mystery.

According to Worcester police, after 9 pm, police were called home by a family member who requested help to check the couple.

Upon entering the house, police officers found the couple dead. There were no clear signs of death, police said.

“There was no trauma,” said Lieutenant Sean Martha.

Police listed Diane Wit as 75 and Robert Wit as 87.

According to police, the couple had a problem with the kamado and were using the stove.

Firefighters were summoned to check the air quality in the house and found that there was no harmful gas, said Adam Roche, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of Fire Star Wooster.

“There were no signs of carbon monoxide,” Roche said.

Neighbors said the couple were rarely seen outside the house and she believed they had been ill for some time.

She said many neighbors provided help to them as their homes were devastated, but they politely refused. She said one neighbor had been mowing the lawn and removing snow from the premises for several years.

Police said state coroners would perform autopsies to determine the cause of death.

The couple has two children, Ian Witt and Alicia Witt.She recently Release new album And I published a book.

Her career includes “Orange Is the New Black,” “Nashville,” “Twin Peaks,” “Twin Peaks: Returns,” “The Walking Dead,” “Two Weeks Notice,” and “88. Minutes “,” Mr. Opus of the Netherlands “.

Diane Witt was a celebrity in itself when hair over 10 feet long appeared in the Guinness Book of Records in the 1980s. From that time on, her husband and children helped her maintain a tuft of hair braided and piled up on her head.

Diane Witt homeschooled the couple’s children, and Robert was a science teacher at Burncourt Middle School.

Telegram & Gazette staff Craig S. Semon contributed to this report.

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