Wendy Williams loses access to her millions of dollars.Her bank says she is being exploited

According to court documents, talk show star Wendy Williams is at risk of defaulting on a mortgage and leaving employees unpaid after Wells Fargo Advisor freezes access to her account.

The money manager said he believed Williams was being exploited financially, but Williams sought an injunction from the New York State Court to regain control of millions of dollars worth of accounts. I submitted a petition.

“Until Wells Fargo reopens my personal, business, deferred compensation, investment accounts, my financial assets, my family, and I are at risk of suffering continuous and irreparable financial harm. “There is,” Williams said in a court document.

57-year-old Williams is from Asbury Park and Ocean Township and lived in Livingston.

Wendy Williams was shown in a 2013 Middletown fundraiser.

Wendy Williams was shown in a 2013 Middletown fundraiser.

As Williams suffers from medical problems, a legal battle over her finances arises. The producer is reportedly planning to move her eponymous series to a new host.

Williams finally performed at the Wendy Williams Show, ending the 12th season in July 2021.

Talk show organizers access her account after Wells Fargo’s financial adviser Lori Schiller said Williams wasn’t feeling well in a petition for an emergency injunction filed on February 4, Williams’ lawyer said. He said he couldn’t.

Williams dismissed Schiller and claimed to have misbehaved in their professional relationship, but Wells Fargo stated that Williams had her financial assets and statements, despite the bill’s due date. Continues to refuse access to.

Wells Fargo said in his response that regulators are increasingly urging financial companies to be aware of potential customer exploitation.

According to court documents, Williams’ account was frozen because he believed that Williams was a victim of excessive influence and financial exploitation.

Wells Fargo said the court documents said the financial adviser had an intact record in his 23-year career and noticed obvious signs of exploitation, including Williams’ own concerns.

“Wells Fargo’s priorities are to protect Williams’ financial well-being and her privacy,” the company said in a statement. “As we have stated in court, Wells Fargo will work with Williams’ lawyer to release funds directly to creditors for invoices paid from her account historically and regularly. I’m ready. “

The Williams show started Season 13 in October. Guest host stringMeanwhile Williams — having an autoimmune disease of Graves’ disease and a thyroid condition — Remained off-air due to medical problems..

Williams also tested positive for a breakthrough case of COVID-19 in September.

One of the series’ replacements, Sherri Shepherd is on the deck to become a permanent guest host. TMZ reported on Tuesday..

According to TMZ, citing “multiple sources with direct knowledge,” Shepherd will become a star and the series will be renamed if Williams isn’t enough to return by September.

The representative of The Wendy Williams Show did not respond to a request for official comment on Friday morning.

This article was originally published in Asbury Park Press. According to her bank, Wendy Williams is economically exploited

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