Western Australia and South Australia extend COVID-19 vaccine deployment

Both Western Australia and South Australia are expanding their COVID-19 vaccine deployment programs.

Residents between the ages of 30 and 49 in Western Australia will be able to receive the Pfizer vaccine starting this Thursday, but people over the age of 50 will continue to receive the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine.

Pfizer vaccine reservations are currently accepted at state-owned clinics seven days a week. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders over the age of 16 are also eligible.

Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan called on the federal government to increase the supply of AstraZeneca vaccines to the GP, emphasizing that both vaccines are safe and effective.

“This is a very important extension of our vaccination program,” McGowan told reporters on Tuesday. “This means that far more Western Australians can be vaccinated. To do.”

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On May 3, 2021, Prime Minister Mark McGowan of Western Australia spoke to the media at the Claremont Showground Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic in Perth, Australia. (Paul Kane / Getty Images)

Western Australia Health Minister Roger Cook said Australia was a leader in pandemic management, but “it’s too late” when it comes to vaccination.

“We wanted to be positive … we are determined to give momentum to this vaccination program,” he said.

“People often ask me,’When will you be able to travel?’ When will you end the lockdown?”

“The answer is simple. It’s time to get vaccinated. Everyone who gets a jab is one step closer to achieving these two goals.”

Approximately 60% of people over the age of 79 in Western Australia received the first vaccination. It decreased to 37% in the 60s and 25% in the 50s to 59s.

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SA Premier Steven Marshall at Memorial Drive in Adelaide, Australia, January 29, 2021. (Mark Brake / Getty Images)

South Australia also expanded its vaccine deployment to residents between the ages of 40 and 49, just before allocating $ 86 million from this month’s budget to expand the program.

The state has also approved that all disabled workers receive Pfizer’s vaccine.

South Australia’s Prime Minister Steven Marshall said budget allocation would help maximize vaccination efforts.

“This $ 86 million investment means SA Health will have the resources needed to enable SA Health to pivot where it is needed to make this important vaccine a weapon for South Australian people. “Marshall said.

“South Australia’s health and economic response to pandemics is a world leader, and we maximize vaccine supply, protect South Australian people, and stay in line with the latest health advice. Will continue to expand its vaccine deployment. “

AAP contributed to this report.

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