Western Australia Announces $ 1.6 Billion Increase in COVID-19 Financing

The Government of Western Australia will allocate an additional A $ 1.6 billion ($ 1.13 billion) in COVID-19 compliance and recovery funding in this week’s state budget.

Additional cash will bring the state’s total pandemic spending to A $ 11.2 billion ($ 7.9 billion) and include a series of A $ 635 million ($ 449 million) for the supply of free rapid antigen testing. Cover measures.

An additional A $ 537 million ($ 380 million) will be spent on medical services, including the deployment of medical devices and ongoing vaccines, and A $ 237 million ($ 167 million) will be subsidized for SMEs. It is used to support businesses that include money.

Thursday’s budget also includes A $ 42.5 million ($ 30 million) to cover the school’s ventilation strategy along with enhanced cleaning.

“WA’s COVID experience is unique and successful thanks to the secure management of COVID-19, which has allowed Western Australia to live with almost no restrictions. This has been the last two years. This is in stark contrast to the experience of the eastern states of Australia, “said Prime Minister Mark Magawan.

“Despite the end of the global epidemic, WA has made a soft landing as planned by prioritizing regional health and security with responsible border policies and achieving world-leading immunization rates. Was secured.

“Our safe and cautious response to a pandemic keeps businesses running and people working.

“As the engine room of the Australian economy, we kept the country in the midst of a pandemic.”

Jack Graments and Tim Donin