Western Australian police allegedly scrubbed an email asking for staff feedback on the COVID-19Vax mandate.

An internal email sent to all Western Australian (WA) police officials asking for thoughts on COVID-19 vaccination obligations at work was allegedly immediately erased from all staff’s inboxes without explanation. ..

WA was the first state to implement a broader vaccination obligation called “Proof of the Widest Vaccination Requirements in the Country” and since then health, law enforcement, mining, construction, hospitality, entertainment, fitness and court. All workers are required to be vaccinated. , Government, and other industries.

ProChoice Cops WA, a group of current and former police officers who oppose vaccination obligations, received a total of 386 available responses after sending thousands of emails on February 27.

The group claims that emails were immediately removed from all staff’s inboxes within 10 hours before further submission. There are also allegations that he was threatened with disciplinary action when he responded to the investigation.

According to the final report by Pro Choice Cops WA, the results show that more than two-thirds of all respondents do not currently support vaccination obligations.

The report’s authors were concerned that 47% said they wanted to be vaccinated, while 7% were undecided and 46% said they didn’t want to be vaccinated in the first place.

In addition, 69% of those who were not confident or did not want to be vaccinated said that bullying and coercion had a significant impact on their vaccination decisions.

The majority of respondents have low morale in the workplace, are dissatisfied with their work, unions, and police secretaries, and comment on how police are being used to enforce public health instructions. Said it didn’t match.

The Epoch Times contacted the Western Australian Police for comment on the allegations and preliminary findings of the investigation, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Ask for an official survey

Former police officer Jordan McDonald, who left police over the COVID-19 vaccine obligation, said existing results portrayed low morale and anxiety about the Jab or No Job policy, requiring formal investigation. Stated.

“The results of this study are compelling and worrisome,” McDonald told The Epoch Times.

“Not only do we elaborate on the fact that many oppose vaccination obligations and support the return of unvaccinated colleagues to the workforce, but also the impact of obligations on mental health, vaccines. There are also concerns about internal and external bullying and loss of self-confidence that affect decision-making.

Epoch Times Photo
A 2019 photo of former WA police officer Jordan McDonald (right) in a remote location on the Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia. (Jordan McDonald)

Western Australian Police Commissioner Chris Dawson has been appointed as the State’s “Vaccine Commander” to increase the number of vaccinated Western Australians and has been transferred to Deputy Police Commissioner Gary Draybergs for five months. It played that role.

McDonald’s urged relevant agencies to conduct their own police investigations.

“What I and many others want is that government agencies and / or unions commission their own investigations of the workforce’s obligations and police involvement in implementing public health directions. It’s about better understanding the general consensus, “he said.

“I didn’t want to do what I did, and I couldn’t have had to do what I did, but I felt I had no other choice.

The court battle as a result of the mandate was initiated by unvaccinated police officers against the state, the Supreme Health Officer, and the Chief of Police, and has recently expanded into six new industries.

It also occurs shortly after the South Australian Police Commissioner completely abolishes vaccination requirements.

Clarify customer feedback

However, the written response to the study portrayed different attitudes towards the mission.

Some of these pointed out concerns about the risks that unvaccinated staff poses to vaccinated staff.

“But your head down. It’s not about one individual. I don’t work with unvaccinated employees and it can endanger my health and the health of my family.” One answer states.

“In my opinion, your choice / decision not to be vaccinated is selfish and not in line with the role and responsibilities of police officers. Number of deaths from COVID-19 before and after the vaccine was developed. It is advisable to compare “, another answer said.

Other comments pointed to the fact that they were to be vaccinated, but they did not agree to impose it as a condition to continue working.

“For clarity, my position is pre-vaccination, but not obligatory. I think the CoP (Police Commissioner) is a great commissioner and needs to continue as our CoP. I don’t think the vaccine should have been mandatory. “

“I’m worried that the response to COVID-19 may affect people’s personal choices and livelihoods … Who is at risk if everyone around the unvaccinated person is vaccinated? Are you exposed to? Only those who have not been vaccinated, “another respondent said.

Epoch Times Photo
Protesters gathered against vaccination obligations at the World Wide Rally for Freedom event in Perth, Australia, on November 20, 2021. (Epoch Times)

Meanwhile, some respondents said they were looking for another job and were considering resigning as a result of staff treatment and low morale.

Other testimonies revealed the conditions under which vaccination was required.

“The anxiety about vaccination in these early stages of pregnancy has soared anxiety following what should have been an exciting time for me and my husband,” said one person. ..

“I was hospitalized for heart disease because of anxiety. My resting heart rate reached 160 bpm and I had severe chest pain … I was discharged without any physical illness, and my heart problem was due to anxiety at the time. I was told that it was a thing. “

“Looking back now, I’m grateful to have the vaccine and see the effects during pregnancy, but I was so anxious at the time that I was forced to do it so powerfully and quickly that I was overwhelmed. The first few weeks I found it was ruined. I was pregnant. “

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