Western Australian Police Stop Church Worship to Force Mask Wear

Western Australian (WA) police officers have suspended church services to enforce rules requiring masks to be worn indoors.

Matthew, who attends the church in Perth, attended a night mass at the Glendaloch Church in St. Bernadette on Thursday, February 3, but police serviced all attendees to wear masks or ask them to leave. He said he remained shocked after the pause.

“To be honest, it’s really just facing. That is, you go to the masses to worship God … it’s pretty faced to see the police vest in the church,” says Matthew. Was 6PR radio..

“It seems to be what we expect from Eastern Europe 30 years ago.”

Matthew said a policeman stood in front of the church and spoke to the congregation after the police entered.

“”[The officer] I told everyone, “There are reports that people aren’t wearing masks. And here you can see that some people aren’t wearing masks. If you don’t wear masks, you have to leave.”

Western Australia mandated indoor masks shortly after the state confirmed the first case of an Omicron variant of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. As of February 3, the state recorded 192 active cases.

“People are pretty surprised at this, it’s pretty faced, and it’s pretty annoying to see the liturgy you love being stopped by police officers. I’ve never seen anything like this. I don’t think many people have it in this country, “he said.

“He didn’t even take off his hat. It’s pretty rude in that environment.”

Western Australian police confirmed the details of the incident by email to The Epoch Times.

“On Thursday night, police responded to reports from the general public of non-masked people in a church on Mount Hawthorne,” said a Western Australian police spokesman.

“When I attended, five people were spoken to by the police and wore masks. One submitted proof of tax exemption.”

The Government of Western Australia recently restricted unvaccinated parents from visiting their children in hospitals, banned unvaccinated lawyers from appearing in court, and each of the three schools had one case. After recording, he has been criticized for dealing with pandemics, such as sending hundreds of school children home. CCP virus.

Critics have also been criticized for the state’s decision to close borders from other parts of Australia, although it initially promised to resume on February 5.

McGowan said this was necessary due to the inefficiency of double doses to the Omicron variant, with 80-90% of the state’s population adding a third, especially given the case of spikes in the eastern provinces. He said he was aiming to reconsider border closure once he was vaccinated.

Epoch Times Photo
Premier of Western Australia Mark McGowan will speak when announced on December 13, 2021 in Perth, Australia. (AAPImage / Richard Wainwright)

“It was originally scheduled to open on February 5, but it was due to the delta spread of the virus. The delta spread much more slowly than the Omicron strain. The Omicron strain is basically the Delta strain. We are killing far more people than we are killing far more, and the utilization of inpatient intensive care units and ventilators has increased by up to 900%, “says McGowan. 6PR February 2.

Federal health advice is that Omicron is milder and more contagious than the Delta strain.

The Government of Western Australia has also been questioned about its failure to repair the state’s severely tense health system, given the time available since the pandemic began.

“The state took two years to prepare its health system to deal with the outbreak of COVID, which makes it appear unprepared to deal with the much milder Omicron variants. “The question arises,” said Chris Chance Tratton, head of the Australian Industrial Group WA, who said the measure would blame the company.

Daniel Kumerev


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