WH calls the Republican criticism of Biden’s election speech “cheerful.”

At the White House briefing on Wednesday, spokesman Jen Psaki made Republican claims that President Biden’s speech on Tuesday’s voting rights was offensive.

Video transcript

―――― Senator Romney said today, basically, the president’s speech yesterday “goed the same tragic path as President Trump questioned the credibility of US elections.” Does the White House support it?

Jen Psaki: In honor of Senator Romney, there is a day-night difference between inciting riots based on lies completely uncovered by 80 judges, including President Trump, and election authorities across the country. I think everyone will notice. A true statement yesterday by the president on the effects of nationally coordinated efforts to undermine constitutional voting rights.

I know there were many claims about the unpleasant nature of yesterday’s speech, which is cheerful at many levels, given how many people have sat silently for the past four years for the former president. But in our view, far more offensive in the president’s view is the effort to curb the fundamental rights of those who exercise those who want to support and those who want to be elected. It’s not partisan. And that’s why he made such a strong speech yesterday. please.