WH updated in Biden after COVID-19 positive test

Dr. Ashish Jha, COVID coordinator at the White House, said at a press conference Thursday that President Biden “sounded great” after being tested positive for the virus. Ja also said he had spoken to Biden’s doctor about the situation in which the president tested positive for COVID-19 and the treatment he was receiving.

Video transcript

Ashish Jar: As Carine said, I spoke to the President first. I also had a long talk with Dr. O’Connor, the president’s doctor. And I’m happy to share the readings of these conversations with you, and then I’m happy to ask questions.

He was great in terms of conversations with the president. I asked the president, how are you feeling? He said, I’m fine. He said he was fine. He worked all morning. He was so busy that he couldn’t even finish breakfast. I advised him to finish breakfast.

Regarding the conversation with Dr. O’Connor, we elaborated on what happened this morning. As Carine stated, the president underwent his regular tests he did with his regular rhythm. After a positive test, he reported the symptoms described. Dr. O’Connor scrutinized him. He noticed that his exam was normal-being at his baseline.

And, obviously, he recommended that the president take Pax Rovid. The president accepted the recommendation, started Paxlovid and has already taken his first course.