What are the mysterious creatures found on the beaches of North Carolina? “We are confused,” says Park.


Dead on Barrier Island, North Carolina, Launched, Cape Lookout National Coast Expert Admit that the discovery left them looking for an answer..

The park is currently seeking ideas from the general public.

Two creatures were found. Each resembles a 6-inch long black bug, but with bristles.

“I found something strange on the beach,” Park wrote in a Facebook post on July 19. “We need help identifying these objects.”

This is a Facebook post from the park asking for help in verifying your identity.

This is a Facebook post from the park asking for help in verifying your identity.

“Our turtle patrol recently found them on a seaside beach adjacent to a goose barnacle-covered log. (I know if they are connected to logs or just a coincidence.” No.) So far, I’m confused about what they are. “

The Cape Lookout National Coast is located on the southernmost tip of the Barrier Island, known as the Outer Banks. The park is just south of the Cape Hatteras National Coast.

Park staff suspect that the creature could be a “sea cucumber species” or perhaps a sea slug.

“But they didn’t match any of the images posted online,” officials wrote.

“Have you ever seen something like this on the North Carolina coast (western Atlantic)?”

The Outer Banks are known to be where the warm Gulf Stream water collides with the cold Labrador Current, resulting in the occasional dumping of exotic creatures on the beach. However, most of the discoveries are quickly identified as non-native species from the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, or other parts of the Atlantic Ocean.

Comments on Facebook Posts The contributors haven’t reached an agreement yet, but the proposal includes a bristle worm. Black sea cucumber Or fireworms, known sea creatures Has bristles filled with poison.

Others have found Some of the much bigger ones.

Some warned park staff Don’t touch them With bare hands.

“Kinda looks like a creature that jumped out of the man’s stomach in the movie” Alien. ” ” Timothy Johnson I have written.

It was rarely found that the shells were suspiciously heavy.Outer Banks Park reveals eerie reasons

Park says two Outer Banks homes could collapse into the ocean and more homes could collapse at any time.

The large jar implies an “undiscovered shipwreck” sitting near the coast off the Outer Banks.