What Biden didn’t know about Afghanistan

The next time President Biden is asked by a reporter, he will be asked what he did not know and why he did not know it.

Important reason: Biden Press conference On Friday, security around Kabul Airport was inconsistent within minutes by a ground network reporter and later by his own administration.

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  • Mr Biden said there were “no signs” that American citizens were having a hard time arriving at Kabul Airport. “Agreed with the Taliban. So far, they have allowed passage. Go through.”

  • “So we don’t know where American citizens are going to the airport with their American passports, but they do whatever it takes to see them arrive at the airport. . “

But ABC’s Ian Panel Kabul reported in a shooting voice: “Last night, I reported on violence and terrorism outside Kabul Airport, and Americans and Afghans who could not get through.”

  • CNN’s Clarissa Ward reported from the airport: “That is, anyone who says that any American can get in here is technically possible, but it’s very difficult and dangerous.”

President Biden was adjacent yesterday (from left) to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Vice President Harris, Secretary of State Tony Blinken, and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.Photo: Anna Money Maker / Getty Images

  • Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who appeared with Biden at a press conference on a phone call with lawmakers on Friday, said the Pentagon “some people, including Americans, were harassed and even beaten by Tullivan. I know. ” Reported by Politico..

  • “This is unacceptable, [we] We revealed it to the designated Taliban leaders, “Austin added.

Embassy of the United States today In Kabul, I told the citizens not to go to the airport with this Security alert: “We advise US citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and avoid the airport gate at this time due to potential security threats outside the Kabul airport gate.”

  • U.S. citizens who want to leave are asked to fill out This shape, “Don’t call the US Embassy in Kabul for flight details and updates. This form is the only way to communicate your interest in flight options. Registered US citizens as security conditions change. Contact us and provide detailed instructions. “

Reality check: Immediately after Biden spoke, CNN’s ward Explained “The immenseness of this catastrophe we see is unfolding.”

  • “”[T]His situation is hopeless, “she said. People lie in the gravel, in the soil for two days, and have a little baby in the scorching sun and the cold of the evening. “

  • “Today I saw Marines handing out small cardboard wedges to incite a baby.”

At a press conference Biden said Al Qaeda “left” from Afghanistan.

  • CNN pointed out Pentagon spokesman John Kirby after Biden’s remarks Told reporters: “We know that al-Qaeda is in Afghanistan and is also ISIS, and we have been talking about it for quite some time.”

  • Al Qaeda fighter The Taliban were among the thousands of prisoners released on Sunday from prison at Bagram Air Force Base.

Dig deeper: Biden promises to evacuate Americans and allies in Afghanistan.

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