What I Discovered About Critical Racial Theory in Public Schools and Why Shouldn’t I Teach It?

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The United States is armed with critical racial theory in public schools.Congressman California And school district Washington And Oregon Introduces or mandates important racial theory aspects of the curriculum.Congressman Texas, Idaho, Oklahoma And recently Florida We have passed a law prohibiting teachers from promoting critical racial theory in the classroom.

But despite all the anger surrounding these bills, many Americans still have a firm grasp of what critical racial theory is and how it will manifest itself in public schools. not.I am a Senior Fellow of the Manhattan Institute’s Public Policy Think Tank and recently Multipart Survey Series on Important Racial Theories In public school – and what I discovered shocked me at the heart of it.

Important racial theory: What is it, and why do Republicans object to teaching it at school?

What is Critical Race Theory?

First, the definition: An important racial theory is a discipline It claims that the United States was founded on the basis of racism, oppression, and white supremacy, and that these forces are still at the root of our society. Some supporters of critical racial theory say that it is just “lens, ”“ Race is a social component ”, and racism is“Whole body“Not an individual, but this is a strategic setback that fails to address some of the more controversial concepts of theory.

Reform important racial theory Old Marxist dialectic Replacing the bourgeoisie and proletariat class categories with identities, of oppressors and oppressed people White and black category.. But the basic conclusion is the same. To free people, Society must be fundamentally transformed through moral, economic and political revolutions.

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Simply put, critical racial theory can be seen as a form of “race-based Marxism.” They share a common conceptual framework. The critical racial theory is “Critical theory, ”20th century ideologyNeo-Marxism.. “

Critical racial theory in school

To the surprise of many Americans, this basic idea package is part of the curriculum in several school districts across the country. The lessons of the consequences I have discovered through the report are very divisive and I believe in the boundaries of political indoctrination.

► In Cupertino, California, elementary school is in third grade Deconstruction Their racial and sexual identity is their “Power and privilege.. “

A rally against critical racial theory in Leesburg, Virginia, June 12, 2021.

A rally against critical racial theory in Leesburg, Virginia, June 12, 2021.

► In Springfield, Missouri, middle school forces teachers Diversity training sessionRepression matrix.. The trainer told a straight, white English-speaking Christian man that they were members of the oppressor class and the handout warned:Secret white supremacy.. “

► In New York City, the principal of a public school Sent parents Literature containingTools for action“And it advertises the” white traitor “and advocates a complete” white abolition. “

►And my research in Portland, Oregon, found that students were not only trained in important racial theory curriculum, but also trained to develop so-called races. White identity And it teaches about racial justice in terms of “revolution and / or resistance.”

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In fact, critical racial theory in schools is a state-approved form of racism. The lessons are conducted on three important concepts: racial essentialism, collective guilt, and racial superiority theory.

First, these lessons primarily classify individual students into racial categories: “white,” “black,” and “people of color.” These categories have a meaning of value. “White” students are labeled “Opressor” and “Black” students are labeled. It is labeled “suppressed”.

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Next, this framework teaches students to consider themselves responsible and beneficiaries. Historical crime Committed by individuals who share the same skin color. As a result, they need to redeem their “white privileges.” The actual critical racial theorist called this “Internalized racial advantage“In whites.

Classroom books are a gift that teachers and students can enjoy for years to come.

Classroom books are a gift that teachers and students can enjoy for years to come.

Finally, critical racial theory states that individuals have a moral advantage based on race. As stated in the Buffalo Public School lessons, whites are considered to be racist and oppressive in nature.All whites play a role in perpetuating systematic racism“; In contrast, people of color are considered by this theory to be noble and free in nature.

State is retreating

The state legislature, worried that children might be taught by this destructive idealism, is absolutely right to ban these classes in public schools. Important racial theorists have the right to express their beliefs as individuals, but taxpayers are not obliged to subsidize their beliefs and incorporate them into the school curriculum.

Christopher Rufo in Seattle, Washington.

Christopher Rufo in Seattle, Washington.

Laws banning important racial theories achieve three important protections.First, protect students and teachers First modification of conscience – They cannot be forced to believe in racial theory that violates a basic sense of dignity. Second, they uphold the basic premise of the Fourteenth Amendment, which ensures that individuals, regardless of race, must be treated equally under the law. Third, legislation ensures that state public authorities reflect national values. In typical democracy, voters determine the values ​​they convey through public schools, and legislators have the right, and even the obligation, to form a curriculum for those purposes.

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After all, the beauty of state law is that it is politically neutral. For example, Texas law Prohibit what the school demands Or, as part of the course, any race is “essentially superior to other races”, “individuals are responsible for past actions taken by other members of the same race”, Or create the idea that “individuals should be’only treated unfavorably'”. Or partly for his or her race. The bill outlawed the Ku Klux Klan-sponsored curriculum and the CRT-sponsored curriculum.

Liberals, moderates and conservatives need to unite behind this simple proposal. Public schools should not promote state-approved racism, regardless of intent or goal. Americans of all backgrounds need to uphold this law. And after decades of progress, we need to ask why some factions want to bring the country back to the ugly politics of racism.

Christopher F. Rufo He is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Manhattan Institute’s Initiative on Critical Racing Theory. He is also a contributor editor. City journal. Follow him on Twitter: @realchrisrufo

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