“What I wanted was what they wanted.”

File: Former President Donald Trump told reporters that he wanted the same thing that the mob members wanted during the January 6 riots (Getty Images).

File: Former President Donald Trump told reporters that he wanted the same thing that the mob members wanted during the January 6 riots (Getty Images).

Former US President Donald Playing cards He and his supporters claimed to have wanted the same on January 6th Houses of Parliament Riot: Overturn Elections Joe Biden..

“Personally, what I wanted was what they wanted,” Trump quotes in an excerpt published Monday. Vanity Fair, For books I can fix it alone: ​​Donald J Trump’s devastating final year.

In the book Pulitzer Prize-Award Washington post With journalist Carol Leonnig Philip LacquerMr. Trump again claimed that the 2020 US presidential election was “illegal” and believed that the riots “appeared only to show support.”

“They appeared only to show their support, because I believe the elections were held at a level that had never been done before,” he said. “There is tremendous evidence. Statistically, that wasn’t possible either. [Biden] won.If you win Florida And Ohio And IowaThere was no loss, “he insisted.

The author says Mr. Trump presented other examples of “what he called proof that the election was stolen from him” at various points in his interview.

In an interview, Mr. Trump pointed out a “list of obituaries,” claiming that thousands of dead and illegal immigrants voted in the 2020 US elections.

“By the way, take all the dead who voted. There were thousands. There is a list of obituaries,” he said. “If you take the illegal immigrants you voted for. Take this — Indians who were rewarded to vote in different places. We were rewarded to vote for Indians! Many Many different things, all change the election, “he continued to insist.

Mr. Trump “loves” when the author asks him what his goal is on January 6th, and what his supporters want to do after he tells him to march in the Capitol. He mentioned the size of the crowd.

“I think it was the largest crowd I’ve ever talked about. [to] “Before,” he said. “By the way, it was also a loving crowd. There was a lot of love. I’ve heard from everyone. Many told me it was a loving crowd. They did it. It was a shame, “he added.

But when the author put pressure on him again, Mr. Trump said, “His supporters appeared outside the Capitol but wanted to stay out of the building.”

Mr. Trump also referred to the mob surrounding the building and told the Capitol police that he “guided people” and “had a lot of tape.”

“For fairness, the Capitol police were guiding people. The Capitol police were very friendly. They were hugging and kissing. I can’t see. There’s a lot on top of that. I have a tape, “said Mr. Trump.

The author notes that the former president did not mention Numerous incidents “Awesome violence … a riot mob who pushed a police officer to the ground threatened to shoot him later with his own gun, a mob slamming a flagpole into another police officer’s chest, and yet another police officer. When he was squeezed by a closed door, he barked in pain. “

Instead, Mr. Trump told the author, “What I wanted was what they wanted.”

More than 500 people were arrested in connection with January 6 Capitol Riot.. Five people were killed in connection with the incident, including Brian Sicknick, a police officer in the Houses of Parliament. More than 100 other police officers were injured during the riot.

Mr. Trump also commented on top Republican leaders, including former Senate Speaker Mitch McConnell and former House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan.

McConnell was called a “stupid person” by Trump. “I don’t think he’s smart enough,” he added. Mr. Trump said Mr. Ryan was “Super RINO (Republican In Name Only).”

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