“What if the child is in the middle of the birth canal? Is abortion allowed?”

Prior to the House Judiciary Committee hearing, Dr. Yashica Robinson, a director of the Assisted Reproductive Technology Doctor and director of the Alabama Women’s Wellness Center, testified today for an investigation. Access and care for abortion Nationwide.

Robinson is responsible for one of the last few abortion clinics in her state.

While talking in front of the committee, Robinson Abortion as an essential health care..

“Whole body barriers, racism and white supremacy underlie both our maternal health crisis and the crisis of abortion access. Without access to abortion, maternal mortality rates will continue to rise. I can’t deny it, “she said.

Congressman Mike Johnson (R-LA) Asked Robinson about when women are allowed to go abortion..

“What if the child is in the middle of the birth canal? So is abortion allowed?” He asked.

Robinson said it was beyond her understanding and she had never faced a similar situation.

When Robinson was asked to answer his question, he said, “I can’t imagine … just as you can’t imagine what you would do if your daughter was raped.”