What is a “Grinch Bot”?Yahoo News explains


Holidays are here — and there are holiday shopping with them — but supply chain issues may not be the only one that comes between you and the most in-demand gifts. Yahoo News explains how so-called Grinchbots can steal gifts across online shopping retailers and buy the most popular items faster than clicking “Add to Cart”.

Video transcript

GARIN FLOWERS: Holidays are here. And there is holiday shopping with them. But this year’s supply chain issues may not be the only obstacles to getting the most in-demand gifts.

―――― If you’re having a hard time buying toys and games this holiday season, you’re not alone.

―――― You are not just competing with other shoppers. You also deal with bots.

―――― Grinchbot.

―――― Grinchbot.

―――― Grinchbot.

―――― These grinch bots may be sacrificing you a big old bundle.

―――― Scalpers armed with shopping software are grabbing inventory just to turn it over for a higher price.

GARIN FLOWERS: According to Sam Crowther, the founder of Kasada, whose business is to control these types of bots, their entry into the mainstream came from an unlikely location, the demand for limited edition sneakers.

Sam Clauser: Every time the shoe tycoon releases these limited edition sneakers,[カートに追加]Someone has written a code, alias, or bot to make the first purchase with the click of a button. In the early days of the pandemic, when sudden supply chain problems arose, people soon began to divert these codes, these bots, and buy things like hand sanitizers like toilet paper. supply. It was the first time I saw a bot buying what everyday people want.

What really appeals is that it’s the same core technology. They were slightly reused in that use case. Suddenly, there are people who use these bots, these codes, hit consumers when they are released, stock them up, inevitably push up prices, and sell them out of profit. , Ticket Scalper sometimes does, just as it used to.

GARIN FLOWERS: The issue is so widespread that some parliamentarians have created a law to stop the Grinchbot.

―――― The Stopping Grinch Bots Act is intended to prohibit this practice and applies to websites that are popular with resellers.

Richard Blumenthal: The scalping and fraud by these grinchbots is absolutely intolerable and unconscionable. And that’s why I’m proposing a law to stop them.

SUZANNE GOLDKLANG: Currently, the proposed bill will have no impact this year from a regulatory standpoint, but Senators say sending a warning to inform Scalpers that they are being noticed can’t do any harm. say.

GARIN FLOWERS: However, it may still not be possible to prevent the spread of bots.

Sam Clauser: One of the things people don’t emphasize enough is simplicity. This is not difficult. These tools are very easy to use. You can see one YouTube tutorial and you can be quite proficient.

―――― Let’s talk about how to set up your own custom automatic checkout bot.

Robert Roman: Yes, it is. This is very easy. Simple code.

RITESH VERMA: Imagine creating a checkout bot that allows you to check out a product in seconds. I’m going to do that in this video.

Sam Clauser: And now you have the power of a fully automated browser to load your website, it’s in the same browser you’re in, yet you can do things 1,000 times faster than you can ..

GARIN FLOWERS: So, at least for now, it’s up to retailers and businesses like Kasada to handle the problem head-on.

Sam Clauser: Whenever you want to get something for yourself or someone else, it’s safe to say that your website says it’s out of stock within 0.3 seconds of being online. .. It feels a little boring, a little stripped and fooled.