What Jackson State’s Deion Sanders said about Eddie Robinson Jr.’s refusal to give him a post-game hug


jackson state football And coach Deion Sanders plays the spoiler, 26-12 win over Alabama Hornets homecoming Saturday. Then Alabama State coach Eddie Robinson Jr. spoiled Sanders after the game.

Sanders tried to shake Robinson’s hand and add a post-game hug, but Robinson Jr. rejected Sanders’ attempt the moment he caught the tenor of the Southwestern Athletic Conference rivalry.

After Robinson Jr. pulled away, Sanders opened his palms with a surprised look on his face. Robinson said he felt Sanders was disrespectful in the media leading up to the game and on the field before the game.

The two did not meet on the field before the game. Jackson State We arrived at ASU Stadium later than planned due to traffic jams from Birmingham to Montgomery.

“My exact words were, ‘Hey, you were ready to play them. Good game.'”

“That could be too much,” Sanders said. “I think he thought he was going to win. I don’t know why he thought so…. I said I didn’t come to greet him in. I don’t know if you understand, but we arrived here very late.So that’s why the whole preparation process promoted.

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This article originally appeared in Tuscaloosa News. What Deion Sanders said about Eddie Robinson Jr. refusing to give him a post-match hug