What police said during the Maserati chase on I-95 in Miami-Dade and Broward

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, police chase across southern Broward County and northern Miami-Dade County ended in one accident on Saturday morning, with three arrested and four (three and Miami-Dade). Police officer) was taken to the hospital.

All four were injured and the FHP explained that it was “not life-threatening.”

Trooper arrested Devona Keon (32 years old) and James Dasher (30 years old) on charges of theft, unlicensed driving, escape and escape. Opa-locka resident Dasher holds a Broward County warrant after not appearing in court for a traffic crime case with a speeding violation and a suspended driver’s license in 2018, according to online court records. Is in debt to Broward for $ 383.

According to the FHP, Saturday’s high-speed odyssey began around 9:44 am. The Broward Sheriff’s Office issued a warning at 9:40 am that the gray Maserati had been stolen. According to FHP, when he tried to stop in the car, the car accelerated towards I-95 South.

Upon arriving in Miami-Dade, the Maserati driver disembarked at the next exit, Ives Daily Road, and headed west, according to FHP. Miami-Dade participated in the chase and continued the chase when PIT manipulation attempts did not spin out the Maserati and the trooper’s car could not continue.

The Maserati driver jumped on the Florida Turnpike and returned north, FHP said. The crash that ended the chase occurred just south of Griffin Road. All four injured in the accident were taken to the Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood.

According to police, the driver is trying to overtake Keys’ agent at a speed of 100 mph.

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