What scares grizzly bears? Guide sees ‘incredibly staggering’ spectacle at Grand Teton

Grizzly bears are not often afraid to run. Especially not mothers with cubs, but a nature guide witnessed it recently.

as many Collected 13 WolverinesA grizzly bear and three bear cubs are chased across Grand Teton’s rugged and rugged terrain, according to a Facebook post by ecotourism agency Yellowstone Insights on Oct. 2.

Doug McCartney snapped a photo of a distant figure running through a swath of snow on August 8. The action captures the hundreds of routes McCartney and two fellow hikers took to reach their destination. It was in the yard east. Wilderness of the Tetonsthe post said.

Wolverines dripped into McCartney’s sight. He spotted his first bear on a large rock and chased it down from the overlook, followed by a second, third, then mother and two kits.

Wolverine Compact but ferocious, they are about 1.5 feet tall and typically weigh between 17 and 40 pounds. Still, they are the largest terrestrial members of the mustelid family and are known to be cunning. strong for its size And willing to fight. Their claws and teeth are also useful.

This undated image provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shows the wolverine, a snow-loving predator sometimes called the

This undated image provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shows the wolverine, a snow-loving predator sometimes called the “mountain devil.”

According to McCartney, “It seems that the wolverines have been chasing the bears for quite some time.” Another group broke to the left and attempted to surround the bears on either side.

McCartney said bears are adept at navigating rough terrain, but the smaller wolverines were always outsmarting them.

“It was very difficult to track down all the wolverines and bears that fled the area,” McCartney said, although he believes there were at least a dozen in total, according to the post.

the wolverine rarely seenthey generally lonely animal Wildlife experts estimate populations in the 48 contiguous states to be around 400 or less.Others say there may be 25 wolverines in the neighboring US

They are slow breeders, need a lot of space, range from 100 to 600 square miles, and prefer high altitudes.

The fact that one wolverine, let alone 10 or more, in the same area appears to cooperate against bears and wolverine cubs contrasts with most documented behavior of this species.

“I couldn’t believe what I just saw,” McCartney said. “We were all excited and in awe of what we had just witnessed.”

Wolverine Foundation founder Jeff Copeland told Yellowstone Insight:

But the photos suggest that wolverines may not be as lonely as they are thought.

“That said, seeing 12-13 wolverines congregating on the same mountain at the same time is incredibly staggering,” says Yellowstone Insights.

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