WhatsApp will eventually add true multi-device login function



WhatsApp can be described as one of the largest instant messaging platforms, but its functions are not the most comprehensive. One of the shortcomings that everyone keeps knocking on is the multi-device login function.according to The Verge Quote WABetaInfo In an interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp Director Will Cathcart, they finally confirmed that they are developing a real multi-device login function, instead of requiring a mobile phone as the main device to cover the web or computer version, and the most important thing is that the message content will be Maintain end-to-end encryption protection.

Cathcart added that this feature will start a public beta within two months, and the new features that will be launched simultaneously are also limited in time, allowing users to initiate conversations that will disappear within a period of time, and photos that can only be viewed once Share with the video.

Although WhatsApp will finally add useful functions, it does not mean that users will no longer care about their privacy policy changes, and other communication tools have already had such multi-device logins and time-limited messages, which can only be said to be reserved. Some sweetness for the users who come down.

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