WhatsApp’s official Android and iOS transfer tools are finally expected to be launched


WhatsApp transferring tool


WhatsApp has always suffered from the lack of cross-platform data transfer tools, which discourages many friends who want to switch from Android to iOS. Just after the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, Facebook announced that its WhatsApp has finally confirmed that the cross-platform transfer tool will be launched in “a few weeks”. It will first support Android 10 or later Samsung phones, and other brands will join later.

This data transfer tool, which will only be available today, allows users to inherit photos, voice memos and other media and conversation records on the new cross-platform mobile phone. According to WhatsApp, it is because of end-to-end encryption and on-device storage. The design of the system requires them to have “extra work” to do with system developers and mobile phone manufacturers.

As for the news that will be released after Samsung releases a new mobile phone, I believe that Facebook is sure that some consumers will be aware of the attractiveness of the new folding machine, and more potential users of the platform will notice. At the same time, after all, the first one The supported brand is also Samsung.