When a former aide gives an explosive testimony to the panel on January 6, Trump rattles 12 vibrant social media posts in two hours: “Total Phony !!!”

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump.AP Photo / Joe Mai Orana

  • Donald Trump was furious on his social media platform as the January 6th hearing on Tuesday progressed.

  • Trump’s post was a return to the form of the current former president.

  • His reaction was to the testimony of former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson.

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday unleashed 12 social media posts, “completely fake” and “third-class,” following the testimony of a former White House aide before the January 6 committee. Called “Social Climber”, she handwritten “Wakko”.

“There is no cross-examination of this so-called witness. This is a kangaroo court!” Trump wrote on his social media platform.

In another post, he said, “Body language is that of a perfect bull … Artist. Fantasy Land!”

Mr. Trump’s reaction reflects how he uses Twitter during his presidency, especially after he has been publicly criticized, or after news comes from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. .. Trump was kicked off from Twitter Following the Capitol riots on January 6, Facebook has led him and his allies to create their own platform.

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As Bret Baier on Fox News I got itHutchinson made her claim under an oath while Trump was ranting online. It is a crime to lie to Congress. Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen learned.

Trump is well documented, Trends over decades To tell the truth or to lie completely. One of his most condemned claims as president is that he passed a law to improve the health care of veterans when it was easy to confirm that President Barack Obama had signed the bill. did. As the Washington Post carefully documented, Trump made this claim more than 156 times.

Cassidy Hutchinson, then White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ top aide, was desperate for Trump. Command the presidential limousine In an effort to travel to the Capitol on January 6th, while Congress is proving the defeat of his election.

Trump denies trying to hijack his limousine (“fake story”) and takes another opportunity Thrown his food After being furious at Attorney General Bill Barr’s remarks, he headed for the wall (“this is also wrong”). The former president, using all capital letters, emphasized that then Vice President Mike Pence “never said” that he was hanged because he did not try to overturn the election.

In another vintage playing card move, The former president, who worked right next to the Oval Office, repeatedly tried to claim that he knew Hutchinson “almost”, even though he was the White House Chief of Staff’s top aide. Powerful throughout the federal government.

“I don’t really know who this person, Cassidy Hutchinson, is, except I’ve heard very negative things about her (a complete fake and a’leaker’) …” Trump wrote. increase.

Frequently posted at one point, Trump misspelled the name of Rep. Liz Cheney, Vice Chairman of the House Committee on January 6.

“Chaney conveniently omits my speech snippet,” Go peacefully and patriotic.
Trump wrote. “Isn’t she shameful?” (When Trump told the attendees of the rally to march to the Capitol on January 6, they should do so “peacefully and patrioticly.” I added.)

Hutchinson’s testimony undermined these claims by making a phenomenal claim that Trump wanted to install a metal detector or mug around the location of his speech on the ellipse. To be dropped because the crowd wasn’t big enough.

Hutchinson testified on January 6 that Trump “has the effect of robbing f-ing mags.” result. She said the president didn’t care.

“When we were in a behind-the-scenes tent, I was near the conversation and heard the president say something to the effect that they didn’t care about having weapons.” .. Hutchinson testified.. “They are not here to hurt me. Remove the Effing mug. Put in my people. They can march to the Capitol from here. Put in the people. Remove the Effing mug please give me.”

Perhaps the day when Trump appeared to return to its original form, it is appropriate to refocus on the controversial claims about the size of the crowd. But this time, he wasn’t the White House spokesman yelling from behind the podium.

On Tuesday, it was a former president smoking on a social media platform created specifically for him.

“I didn’t complain about the crowd, it was large,” Trump insisted on the crowd at the January 6 rally. “I didn’t want and didn’t want to make a place where people with guns could see my speech. Who wanted it? Not me!”

Social media platforms are called truth.

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