When “awakening” affects our health and safety


The city of Hamilton has surprised many with its blatantly racist vaccine program. Announcement On April 24, COVID-19 vaccine reservations were made available to “blacks and other racialized populations / colored races” living in the selected area code. This occurs despite epidemiological evidence that individuals of a particular age range or health condition should be prioritized, regardless of race. When a particular area is at high risk due to a variety of factors, the risk exists not only in some areas, but in people of all races living in those areas.

This latest development may serve as a rude awakening for some who say that critical racial theory (CRT) is no longer just a concept imposed on academia. Rather, it is an idealism that pervades our facility and is now influencing health decisions that affect our lives and safety.

The radical scholar’s invention, CRT, states that Western society is an irreversible racist and is rooted in the conflict between oppressors (whites) and oppressed (colored). We advocate a world view.

News report In recent weeks, it has become clear how this harmful ideology has become the norm for learning at Global Affairs Canada, and perhaps other government agencies.

The· Toronto sun Through access to information requests, we obtained the Global Affairs anti-racism training document. The content of the document is an awakening of the textbook and should not surprise anyone familiar with CRT, but it is still confusing. They broaden the definition of white supremacy and divide it into two categories: explicit and secret. The former includes examples such as the neo-Nazis and the 1885 Chinese Immigration Act. The latter includes harmless traditions such as meritocracy, “colorblindness” and even Thanksgiving.

According to the document, it is a myth that BIPOC (blacks, indigenous peoples, and other colored races) can be racist against whites. Instead, whites can only be subject to “racial prejudice,” which “is not considered racism because of their systematic relationship with power.”

“In Canada, due to the idea of ​​Eurocentrism rooted in colonialism, whites retain this cultural power and continue to recreate and privilege whites. The presence of racialized others. It is whiteness that has the power to define the conditions of. “

Some people may dismiss these trainings as mere government bureaucrats according to current epidemic theory with little impact on their ability to complete important parts of their work. However, through the pandemic, the practical impact of awakening on our facility has become more recognizable.

As another example, Ottawa recently restricted flights from India. India suffers from a new high-risk variant of the virus that causes COVID-19. This lack of action at the border was even more concerned at the beginning of the pandemic when many countries closed their borders to flights from China, which is a zero pandemic, but Canada refused to restrict flights. did.

In addition to the fact that Ottawa is pondering before taking actions that could confuse Beijing, this hesitation is fueled by the anxiety among the elite about being labeled as alien exclusion. is.

At the time of the first outbreak, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO), Dr. Teresatam,, contrary to evidence, claimed that the travel ban was “ineffective”. Spent a lot of time expressing her concerns About racism and “condemning comments” against Chinese people.

The refusal to close the border and the dismissal of calls for measures such as the exclusion of foreigners has made great efforts to condemn criticism of dealing with the outbreak of the virus as racism. Made me happy.

But at the heart of the problem is that CPHO’s role is entirely medical and focused on developing effective strategies to combat the virus. It is intended to divorce from politics and is therefore a polarized argument of this kind. But statements like Tam are political, involving people from these institutions in cultural wars, doing their jobs right, and in this case at the expense of protecting Canadians.

The elite’s prejudice against awakening is dangerous, and as a series of ideas, awakening itself can be easily tampered with. But as it is put into practice, the resulting politics of our most trusted institutions can and will have dire consequences.

Shane Miller is a political writer based in London, Ontario.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.