When becoming a stupid outdoor scammer, this poacher takes the crown

You can’t get over how stupid some people are. It’s as if they took a college course on how to really be stupid.

But many people really enjoy it, asking for more based on the number of notes I received, or saying how much I enjoyed the Dumb Outdoor Crooks column I wrote. And since I firmly believe in work safety, here’s another article about a really ridiculous outdoor scammer.

King of all dummies

If your loved one calls the police about a domestic dispute, you may rethink maintaining evidence of outdoor crime. But that’s exactly what happened recently in Decatur, Michigan.

Immediately after police arrived and confirmed the situation, they called Michigan Environmental Protection officials and asked them to respond promptly to the location.

They arrived and were taken to a barn in the petitioner’s property. And they were literally laid on the floor by something hanging inside. They found nine white-tailed deer hanging in the barn. And all of them are considered trophies!

Wait a minute! It will get better. Police officers have legal authority over all domestic turmoil complaints that inspect all structures of a property to ensure that there are no other individuals (or children) hiding while seeking safety. I am. And this evidence allowed nature maintenance officers to illuminate the lights, shoot deer, and end many civilian complaints about pickup trucks running in the field.

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This case became even more strange when police officers did a radio check on a man (if possible). The poacher seems to have a DNR record from 2018 onwards for illegally capturing and owning a white-tailed deer.

That means that the day of his hunting license is history. And his previous criminal (felony) records include possession of methamphetamine, three escapes from police officers, and a third offense (felony) of driving a vehicle while drunk.

Our boy was indicted in the district court on 9 November and brought to justice without bail. And for him poaching those $ 9, in addition to his fines and confiscations decided in court in February, he has to pay up to $ 59,000 in damages to the state. .. And Michigan will collect that money.

No one is beyond the law

This is the story of another type of ridiculous outdoor scammer that makes me have mixed emotions. This involves Javalea Ponsey, an off-duty police officer in Louisiana (Diocese of Kuushata). And he seems to have enjoyed the “hunting” of deer.

The problem was that he seemed to enjoy it a bit.

He was caught while shining a jacklight on a deer, which was the least of his worries. He had three cohorts in his car after light was shining through the windows, ammunition was fired, and the deer died.

When the game warden in Luizana stopped by, the guards first noticed that four men were in a parish police car. Observers removed all four from the suspect’s car, searched and disarmed them, and looked up their names through NCIC.

He found that one of them was a convicted serious offender and the guards were not allowed to carry the firearms he had taken from him. He also did not have a hunting license.

Javarrea also didn’t have a hunting license. I didn’t do the other two either. And they were captured on private land at the time and place of poaching. Kevin Stafford, Chief of the Police Department’s Parish Police Department, suspended our poor misguided police officers indefinitely until the issue was fully investigated.

It reminds me …

The incident happened when my partner (and boss) Tom Sechrist and I were hunting with another man and his son in the southwestern part of Lake Kayuga when he and his son were hunting with another man and his son. I remembered when I met the “employee” of. We didn’t know who they were because we were standing on a cliff as they were hunting along the shore of the lake.

I observed how to hunt ducks in the late period. And I observed them shooting some ducks and killing some scaups and golden eyes. Then a flock of redheads flew in and they fired two shots and killed two of those ducks.

We saw them regain both and return to the shore near the blinds. Then we observed one of the men taking over both redheads to some trees and hiding them.

Why did they hide those ducks? Well, that year there was a shortage of both redhead and canvasback ducks, and they were suffering from a really terrible breeding spring. Later, federal biologists ended the hunting season for both species. And these two hunters clearly knew which species they killed, and that the species had no seasons.

Well, that was enough for us two to get off and finish their hunt. And let me tell you, going down the hillside was a really hard hike. But we successfully achieved it (except for my ass) and quietly approached the blind as we tend to.

And I wish you (readers) could see their facial expressions. At the same time, Tom and my facial expressions are certain when recognizing the top DEC Region 7 employees we are facing.

Well, we pulled out a full field check of both adults (the two boys weren’t hunting) with gun plugs, steel shotshells, licenses, and duck stamps. Everything looked fine. Then we checked their ducks and found that they were one shy of the two legitimate restrictions.

Did Tom then ask if there are other ducks they declare? And they both said “no” to the question. But I noticed that one of the young people turned his back to look at the side of the blind wall.

Tom broke the silence when he asked a DEC employee to get two redheads hidden by the trees. The man did as requested, and it pushed them beyond legal limits. I asked them who already had their limits and who killed the extra ducks. And the DEC guy made a fuss about exceeding the limits.

We wrote two tickets to the DEC man and one ticket to the other gunner (for the killing of his redhead). And the DEC guy was almost weeping as he caught up with us when we left and explained that he could lose his job if this was reported.

I explained that he would receive two quotes by email. If he pays the fine, the proceedings will end at that point and no one will be notified. (This was the standard procedure for all violations in New York).

Addendum: Someone screamed (Tom and I aren’t) and the high-ranking DEC employee took a month of free unpaid leave.

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This article was originally published in Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. When becoming a stupid outdoor scammer, this poacher takes the crown