“When did you lose your pride?”


In a video shared on Instagram, Monique asked black women to stop wearing hoods, slippers and pajamas at airports and other public spaces.

Mo’Nique Has a message for all “queens” wearing hoods at the airport, but not everyone feels selfish advice.

On Saturday, comedians and actresses shared a video message asking black women to stop wearing hoods, slippers and pajamas in public spaces.

“It took me a minute to say what I was trying to say, because I want to make sure I’m not saying it from the place of judgment, but from the place of love. “Monique told her one million Instagram followers. “Some have given me the title of aunt, and I’m honored to do so, but sometimes my aunt has to talk to her baby and tell her the truth. . “

Mo'Nique, theGrio.com

Comedian and actress Monique Hicks. (Photo: Instagram)

When the entertainer was traveling to Jackson, Mississippi on a gig, he said, “Head bonnet, scarf, slippers, pajamas, [and] Wrap a blanket “at the airport.

“I’ve seen it, not just at the airport. I’ve seen it in stores and malls …” said Monique, “when did I lose pride in expressing myself? When did I forget to look good when I left home? “

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She revealed that she didn’t suggest that women always wear a “full face” or lace front when they’re in public, but “I’m saying,” Hair Can you do it? “

“I’m not saying you don’t have pride, but the expression you’re showing needs to ask if you have pride,” she added. “It’s a man in hand. Not to put in … it’s your expression, my cute babies “

Monique told the woman to take her message as a “warning”, and you look like a fuck. “

“Aunt Nicky hits you and says,’Hey, Baby Girl, show your value and show you what’s right for you.'”

Monique also urged “the smarter sister” to join her to correct what she sees as not expressing herself proudly.

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“It may be part of helping our community. If you don’t seem to care, how would you be treated?” Monique said.

Mo'Nique thegrio.com

Monique attended the BET Hip Hop Awards ’10 at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center on October 2, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Taylor Hill / Getty Images)

“So Queen, when I say Hay, I can only say to the Sista to which it belongs, because many of us are still trained by the Queen. So if you train the Queen If so, stop being afraid to take your position, “she added.” The Queen doesn’t walk around wearing a bonnet, a scarf on her head, slippers, and pajamas. It’s for the house. Outside. Be on behalf of you when you appear .. As you deserve the title of “Hey, Queen”.

Monique’s video has received a lot of comments and opinions. In particular, Monique’s message is for those who feel hidden in respectable politics.

“This was very disappointing. Imagine you grow up to yell, curse, grab your crotch and make a brutal joke, and crack down on a woman wearing a hood. . A person wrote a long comment.

“How do you expect a company to pay fairly, completely ignoring some of your previous actions on stage or in public, even though you can’t treat a woman as a queen based on your outfit? Are you … In all that is happening in the world, you crack down on women of color, especially [sic] Do black women feel comfortable in public and call this the Queen?

She said, “I was a little confused about why so many people stopped following you over the years, but now I understand clearly. This is very anti-black, misogynistic and feminine. I was ignorant. If you know it well, do it better. The same woman who harassed a black man or harassed a black man without doing anything other than body shaping is appropriate for another black woman. I can’t believe I have the boldness to crack down on my actions. “

Mo'Nique theGrio.com

Comedian Monique will perform at the Beacon Theater in New York City on June 28, 2009. (Photo by Countess Gemal / Getty Images)

Another commentator who actually agreed with her accused Monique of being hypocritical about wearing a bathrobe in her video message.

Despite many comments rebuking her comments for the Academy Award-winning actress, there were many others praising her.

“She’s right! I’m sure part of this perspective is age,” said one of her followers. “It doesn’t look cute. No, you don’t have to dress up to get to the airport. I’m certainly not. But I don’t look bad enough to hope no one can see me. And I look good enough, even if someone looks at me Even if they don’t like what I wear, or if they don’t like what I look like, they know I’m representative. I represent us. And I Is doing it well. “

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