When it comes to energy, Ottawa commits suicide


Following Ottawa’s decision to deny the necessities of life, we may need to rest Ottawa immediately.

Enbridge’s energy company is fateful after making an urgent and controversial application to the Ontario Energy Board to replace a corroded 65-year-old natural gas pipeline that is at high risk of failure. Death was thrown last month. The city of Ottawa has a modern pipeline that can reliably meet the needs of the city of the future.

To the surprise of Enbridge, the emergency of the natural gas pipeline that warned was overwhelmed by another emergency at the Energy Commission, a “climate emergency” conducted by city planners in collaboration with environmentalists and others. It was done. Declared in 2019 “To name, assemble, and deepen our commitment to protect our economy, ecosystems, and our communities from climate change.”

After hearing financial debates from numerous interveners who fear climate change, Energy Commission refused Enbridge Application to replace the St. Laurent PipelineDespite Enbridge’s view that it only takes three years to ensure pipeline integrity and prevent subsequent “catastrophic failures” [that] Having customers in densely populated urban areas can have a serious impact on them. “

The city of Ottawa and other interveners argued that Enbridge’s proposed pipeline, paid over 40 years, was a stupid and unnecessary expense for the Ottawa formula. Energy evolution plan.. Under the evolution of energy, Otawa will move away from its reliance on non-renewable natural gas, which currently meets 50% of the community’s needs, and become a 100% greenhouse gas-free net-zero community by 2050. Evolve. For example, emissions from urban buildings and vehicles will disappear in 2040, ten years ago. From that perspective, Enbridge’s proposal to replace an existing natural gas pipeline with another $ 124 million natural gas pipeline is pointless.

Instead, the city of Ottawa said,Estimated $ 52.6 billion In addition to the investment planned for the next 30 years. This plan employs renewable technologies including: Equivalent to a 700 million square foot solar array710 industrial wind turbines, mainly on the roof, at least as high as the Tower of Peace, each in the center of the Capitol.

The additional cost of more than $ 50 billion to meet the city’s plans should not discourage anyone, city planners said. 2050. Tentatively, Otawa only balanced the budget by raising property taxes, land transfer taxes, parking and electricity charges, and imposing tolls and congestion on roads. This energy evolution plan was clearly a winner, so the Ottawa City Council unanimously approved it.

The Energy Commission has accepted the benefits of the plan as well. Energy probe, intervener, I tried to submit the material 100% reliance on renewable energy disables public transport, power outages, rising energy costs, poverty, bankruptcy, and fuel shortages in one of the coldest countries and cities on the planet. Shows that it will be connected and is submitted as evidence that other interveners have opposed the material permission. As a result, the evidence evaluated by the board gives Ottawa confidence that it will easily reach net zero in the process of creating employment, economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. (Full Disclosure: Patricia Adams is President of Energy Probe and Lawrence Solomon is Executive Director.)

To its honor, the Ontario Energy Board did not support the view that Ottawa’s Energy Evolution Program is feasible in its final report. Prior to that, it only accepted the predominance of evidence that the replacement of natural gas pipelines was unwise. It did not provide comments on the possible collapse of the Ottawa economy if energy evolution proved an empty pie.

If Ottawa remains true to its Net Zero goals and unplugs its fossil fuel life support system, it will be the world’s first capital to awaken and die.

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Patricia Adams


Patricia Adams is an economist and president of the Energy Probe Research Foundation and Probe International, independent think tanks in Canada and around the world. She is the publisher of the Internet news agency ThreeGorgesProbe and Odious Debts Online and is the author or editor of numerous books. Her books and articles have been translated into Chinese, Spanish, Bengali, Japanese and Indonesian. She can be contacted at [email protected].

Lawrence Solomon


Lawrence Solomon is an Epoch Times columnist, author of seven books, and executive director of the Toronto-based Consumer Policy Institute. He can be contacted at [email protected].