When Kids Gloves Don’t Do It For Our Kids


If young people can hold communities for ransom or live in fear, things are horribly out of balance.

This is an unfortunate and indeed catastrophic social scenario unfolding in parts of Australia, particularly in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Crime rates are skyrocketing, communities live in fear, and service providers deny entry to certain sectors. All the while, the leadership elite maintains the grandstand with the virtues that signal the debate about fairness and inclusivity.

Australians, and undoubtedly the vast majority of people living in affected communities, want a peaceful life free of property damage, bodily harm and murder.It is their right to have this expectation. Yes, it is a government obligation.

Certainly that desire is common to all mankind, and it is not too much to ask for.

But with certain parts of Australia devastated, Queensland returning from an overseas trip while a bus driver refused to serve her voters in need of public transport. There is the state premier Anastasia Parashchuk.

Epoch Times photo
Passengers were sitting here when a rock was thrown into the side of the Brisbane City Council bus. This happened to him on January 13, 2023 at 5:40 PM. (Courtesy of Rail, Tram and Bus Union)

Isn’t it usual? The most empowered suffer the most.

Those with their own cars can escape the rampaging youth at night when bus drivers refuse to stop in certain areas or simply don’t come to work at all out of fear.

Those without a car or license rely on public transportation. This lawlessness leaves them even more vulnerable and powerless. Hardly fair and inclusive.

To play the victim is to destroy the soul

In the Northern Territory, people from all over Australia flew into Alice Springs, a series of words (Voice to Parliament) allegedly designed to build equity and inclusion in the face of real-world issues. There is a scene that summarizes. Substance abuse and all kinds of violence unfold.

Communities want to restore law and order and ‘skip’ social commentators advocating changing the Australian Constitution to include Indigenous Advisory Bodies at a time when change on the ground is desperately needed. It’s not “fly it”.

With a 40% increase in assaults and 300 arrests in the past seven weeks, Alice Springs residents are turning to law enforcement change and force instead of the empty virtue cues proposed by The Voice. Seeking local leadership may be justified.

No one knows how a constitutional change will fix the situation on the ground. And the reason for this lack of ability is clear. it won’t.

There is no quick fix for the social unrest caused by rampaging young people, but some considerations may help.

How did you end up in such a dire situation? For years we’ve been told how bad their society is and that they have rights in every aspect of their lives, but not saying a word about responsibility and putting others first is extremely disrespectful. may only produce ugly results.

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A boy sits alone in the stands of Arena Conda stadium in Chapeco, Santa Catarina state, southern Brazil, November 29, 2016. (Nelson Almeida/AFP via Getty Images)

If we don’t teach virtues and instill them from an early age, and if pride in self, community, and nation is disrespected, if not disrespected, then generations are born that don’t understand politeness, compassion, and compassion.

Communicate that the problem you are facing is not your fault (which may be true in many cases), but combine that message with the idea that you are powerless to change the situation and you will feel alienated, hopeless, and hopeless. Feelings, leading to a lack of purpose in life. .

The victim’s narrative is disempowering and destroys the two lights that need to shine within every human soul: hope and purpose.

A better way to empower today’s youth

The refusal to address youth crime only creates more contempt for the legal system.

Treating children with child gloves in the justice system does not particularly favor young people themselves.

The seriousness of their anti-social behavior must be made keenly aware. In addition to the serious consequences, lifestyle-altered rehabilitation and the provision of role models are needed.

The idea that perpetrators are actually victims and are unfairly suffering does little to motivate the fundamental changes in behavior needed for individuals and society as a whole.

The message that you are responsible for yourself and your actions regardless of the situation is uplifting and truly empowering.

Epoch Times photo
A view of the Alice Springs Police Station in Alice Springs, Australia on September 4, 2022. (AAP Image/Aaron Bunch)

All you need is tough love. We find that the horrific crime statistics decline as quickly as they rise with the tough affections administered by authorities, community leaders, schools, and families. Necessity is essential.

contrast of values

When I visited the Northern Territory some time ago, the contrast between the stories of the two Aboriginal communities became clear.

Just a half hour drive away, the well-maintained homes were tidy like pins. The community was friendly and happy to discuss children’s dreams and futures.

Another was notable for car crashes, damaged homes, trash, and stray dogs. In short, unattractive to say the least.

Both communities had the same drawbacks and advantages. It didn’t take long to realize that it was community leadership that made the difference.

The emphasis was on being a dry (alcohol-free) community, the value of education and self-improvement.

However, arid communities are inherently unhindered by family violence and public turmoil, especially when young people are able to reach their full potential while ensuring that there is money for the basics of life. Some say it’s racist.

It is part of human history that crime has always existed among us. The question is how to minimize it.

Powerfully inculcating much-needed human virtues by delivering a message of hope and life direction and purpose, rather than a diet of victimhood and identity politics, is a great start. I guess.

Child gloves are useless for children. they deserve better. much better

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