When the democratic beacon flickers, darkness comes

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) survivors gathered in Canberra in February for the first victims’ meeting of the Chinese Communist Party administration. The following is a summary of the speech given by Chinese democracy activist Dr. Chin Jin.

I must admit that I am not a victim of this administration, but a heretic who is an opponent of this administration.

Since the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I have no intention of looking back on countless crimes. What I’m always worried about is how to change the political situation in China. It affects all of us in some way. And if not yet, it will be soon.

Focus on historical facts and move your project forward.

The world must recognize that the Chinese Communist Party is very malicious. The battle with CCP is a battle between humans and beasts. It is a battle between one mortal (us) and the other demon and demon. I don’t use these images lightly. The stakes are high and the evil powers are real. In this game, you won’t have a chance to win if you continue as before.

In reality, US policy over the last few decades has helped the Chinese Communist Party achieve the highest governance in China, and the administration’s power has never been more restrained. It has grown into a huge one. The citizen is now in full physical and mental control. All their actions were monitored and their privacy was lost. Their personal value is constantly and closely valued by social credit surveillance, a form of psychological torture.

The United States could not foresee the evil growth of the Chinese Communist Party. American liberals had the delusion that communist-controlled China would grow into a liberal democracy through free trade and by welcoming researchers and students. Ironically, instead, the United States itself could become a country under the control of the Chinese Communist Party.

The western side of liberalism unknowingly helped the Chinese Communist Party strengthen its state system to curb its own people and political resistance. With the help of US and Western democracy, the Chinese Communist Party is now using modern science and technology to govern and control the Chinese people through power, lies and deception. Its face recognition technology came from the West.

The original promoters of the rise of CCP were American socialist-oriented Communist supporters such as George Marshall and four Johns (John Davis, John Vincent, John Service, John Fairbank, so-called “China Hands”). .. Owen Lattimore.

These misleading types, with high IQs and mastery of Chinese, thought they understood the complexity of China and established the fateful Chinese policy of the United States.

All the opportunities created by China Hands and its cohort helped the Chinese Communist Party extend its power throughout mainland China.

The CCP ultimately ruled China and ruled rigorously for over 70 years.

Every aspect of the rule was harsh for the people, from one-child policy and forced abortion to oppression of dissidents, organizing informants to spy on citizens, and denying opportunities to people outside the party.

For recent horrors such as the shooting of democratic students at Tiananmen Square, the crackdown on house Christians, the detention of Falun Gong practitioners and Uighurs and the removal of organs, these are all “drunk” regimes of unchecked power. It’s a breathtakingly terrifying feature. ..

The CCP was initially able to rule China with unlimited power, thanks to the support of the Harry Truman administration. We are now facing the danger that a significantly strengthened CCP could retain power if there are a series of weaker regimes in the far-left regime.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from historical analysis is that if the White House resident is a Democrat, the Chinese Communist Party will not collapse. The result is the same whether it is the reason for the weak leadership of the Democratic Party or the shared socialist outlook.

The biggest problem is that few Western countries in the world understand the nature of the CCP and the true face and intent behind the mask that the CCP is hiding behind the Chinese. ..

I’ve been waiting for a figure similar to Ronald Reagan.

In the wake of the 2016 US presidential election, the world has witnessed President Donald Trump, who is more a businessman than a politician and has no clear political boundaries. But because of all his human mistakes, he has the great attribute of being the first US president to reign in the Chinese Communist Party.

He acknowledged the fact and responded.

Considerable intellectual property was stolen from the United States. There were both commercial and military CCP spies in the country. As a result of the CCP’s inclusion of much of the market, manufacturing-related jobs have collapsed in the United States.

From protective tariffs to raising public awareness of the dangers posed by the administration, Trump’s attack on the CCP could have shaken it.

The cumulative effect of Trump’s measures provided China and its people with the opportunity to be released from the control of the Chinese Communist Party.

It is unrealistic to expect Chinese people to change the formidable CCP regime. The level of surveillance and restraint taking place in China makes it less likely to be achieved.

Only external forces can have a deadly and devastating effect on the administration.

As the emergence of political opportunities to change China becomes apparent, Chinese Communist Party leaders will notice their imminent demise. But they do not wait for their destiny. Instead, they will fight for the survival of the administration.

Despite the outbreak of COVID-19 and the international anger of more than millions, the CCP was still able to successfully defend and survive.

If people do not have the courage to support justice and conscience today and tomorrow, this evil will attack the whole world more bravely.

The Chinese Communist Party believes that repeated successes in the United States will further invade Australia and the West.

In Australia, the CCP directs strategic assets such as Darwin Harbor, and its state-owned enterprises are also very interested in Newcastle Harbor and the Port of Melbourne.

It continues a number of our key services, including water, gas, power grids, universities, and some major food sources. Fortunately, our 5G communications remain untouched.

The administration has also detained many Australians, including businessman Matthew Ng, news leader Cheng Lei, and Crown Casino employees.

There was even the courage to resent Australia for instigating the most rational and wise demands, an independent investigation into the origins of the pandemic.

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my serious concerns about Australia’s future to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

I am concerned about whether Australia can withstand retaliation from Beijing’s Red Dragon, especially the role of the United States as a sign of the world of democracy and freedom in the face of challenges.

I am worried if Australia has the courage, wisdom, and power to prevent the same tragedy that struck the US democratic regime.

How can Beijing stop manipulating and implementing similar strategies in Australia?

I sincerely hope that the Morrison administration will remain vigilant, take precautionary measures, and not be fooled by Beijing’s plots and strategies.

Australia must not recreate the pitfalls of the recent US election process, where indifference, negligence, or compromise has led people to question the democratic system. As the CCP does, Australians should be fully awakened to this potential for harmful political evolution.

Preparation avoids danger. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. We must resist the wrong combination of liberalism and red communism.

Sadly, there are people who support Beijing. Some people hesitate to be loyal and are easily influenced by changes in political style. Others are stubborn collaborators with CCP.

Chinese leaders must show real interest in world peace, human prosperity, telling the truth and respecting the sovereignty of other nations before the Middle Kingdom becomes a world power again.

Meanwhile, Australia must show its strength. If Australia goes the real way and refuses to succumb to Beijing’s coercion, those fluctuators will firmly support Australia’s interests.

But if Australia shows weakness and simply hits the Chinese Communist Party, Beijing’s apologists will undermine us from the inside out.

Preventing Australia from getting caught up in this icy red tide is the key to the country’s happiness.

Finally, we urge that society must be separated from China.

There is no longer the luxury of thinking that the CCP tentacles we see will not try to choke us if they are spread elsewhere.

We must eradicate CCP promotional clothing in educational institutions.

If such rights are not returned, and if it is not in our national interest, we must suspend any acquisition or ownership.

Part of the production must be regained.

Markets need to be diversified in order to procure goods from other locations and reduce reliance on that one country.

You need to get the port back.

You need to regain ownership of important services.

You need to protect your internet.

Intelligence agencies need to be able to avoid all risks to national sovereignty, including cyber, public health, foreign companies, strategic infringement by China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and other means.

It’s time to act to save our country. We can do it, and we have to do it.

Based in Australia, Dr. Chin Jin is the Global Chairman of the Federation for a Democratic China Lines. The group advocates democratization of China through opposition to the Communist Party and support for human rights. It was established following a protest at Tiananmen Square in 1989. Chin himself experienced the Great Leap Forward and the tragedy of the Cultural Revolution.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

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