When the tracker convoy arrives in Ottawa, a large crowd gathers on Parliamentary Hill.

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Ottawa — The hills of the Capitol are the final destination after a week of convoys from all over the country by truck drivers and other demonstrators protesting COVID-19 obligations and restrictions. As it gathers in, it becomes full.

“It’s vibrating here,” said former prison officer Terry Heider, who traveled from Toronto to Ottawa.

Heider said all elevated roads were filled with Canadian flag-waving people as trucks passed by on their way to Ottawa.

“It was an absolute fuss,” she told the Epoch Times.

As protesters continue to participate, the hills have a festive mood, with people of all backgrounds from all over the country gathering to support the call for mandatory vaccines and the abolition of all COVID-19 restrictions.

“It’s like Canada Day, but it’s the real reason we celebrate Canada,” said Andrew Blow, a 20-year-old truck driver from Trenton, Ontario.

“Today is the day we meet again and get together for freedom.”

Mr Blow said he was in Ottawa to ask politicians to listen to people’s demands.

“I’m here to fight for the freedom of everyone living in Canada, not just truck drivers.”

Belji Papa, a truck driver in Laval, Queensland, told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that it is important to get together in order to “listen to people.”

“We’ve been blocked for a long time … we needed voice from people,” he said.

Sylvain, a veteran in uniform, said he participated in protests to “liberate my country.”

Freedom Convoy 2022 began as a protest against the federal government’s vaccination obligations against cross-border truck drivers in Canada and the United States, but has since participated in campaigns to protest various COVID-19 restrictions and obligations. Has expanded.

The first convoy departed from the West Coast on January 23, with more trucks from different parts of the country gathering to protest in the capital from this weekend to next week.

A GoFundMe The page set up to support the convoy had raised nearly $ 8 million as of the morning of January 29th.

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